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Slightly addicted, but look how cute everything is..and just in time for SPRING!

these two will be worn together, as you can probably guess since the top shirt is my favorite - sheer and floral :D

I know, cute right?  If only I had those booties too!

Teeth in a Box

Last week, Olivia was watching me edit some pictures in my office & she found a small wooden box that her sister made for me when she was younger.  She picked up the box and gave it a shake and she could hear that something was inside it.  I didn't pay much attention to, or even recall what was in the box at the time she picked it up.

A few minutes later-she asked me what was in the box.  I told her, as I remembered when she asked "well it's teeth".  She said "uuuu-that's so gross" and went to put the box back with a horrified look on her face.  I had to keep myself from laughing.

I said, well it's not gross - they are little baby teeth.  She said "who's" I explained that they were Teresa's, Gavin's, Weston's & Xander's....and then went on to explain to her that she would too, loose her baby teeth & that it didn't hurt and new big teeth, like mine would grow in.

She seemed pretty satisfied with my explanation of my teeth in a box but was curious if she would have her gap when her new teeth came in.

I told her that it would probably go away when the big new teeth came in and she seemed disappointed.  I loved to see that in her face because it meant that she no longer felt the sting of what a girl at her daycare had said to her about gap a little more then a year ago.  It felt good to know that she was comfortable in her own skin and in her smile despite her small imperfection.  She is perfect to me, she is perfect to her dad.  She is just perfect and I will also be sad to see the gap go!

xoxo, Lela


I read this on facebook today.  It sums up how I feel.  And if  you're offended, I am sorry.  But this is logical to me.

"Don't tell me it's a gun control issue. Don't attempt to even hint that it's the NRA or Trump that is causing this. This.. THIS is a mental health issue that is NOT being addressed in America. We all had bullies in school, we had "weird" kids but they didn't gun down other students. THIS is directly related to a combination of mental health,
Poor parenting, and the pussy-fication of this nation. When our children don't know what bathroom to use, are offended by everything, and see that they are exonerated from their actions because they can blame it on others.. THAT In itself IS the problem. Murder is illegal. Drugs are illegal. Yet they still happen. Calling for stronger gun laws isn't the answer. It isn't the gun.. start holding the perpetrator responsible, and the system that failed them."


On my way home from work on Friday, I finally started to grieve for my grandma Martin.  When it started to flow over me like a warm blanket I instinctual pushed back a bit to keep the tears from flowing to much, as I had a cold & didn't want to get even more stuffed up.  But I promised myself, the last time I pushed it back, that if it came over me again I would let it flow - so I opened myself up for the pain and the tears and the sadness.

It caught me off guard, well I say that-but I have been hoping it would happen sooner rather then later.  And it was finally heard.  I could see the light at the end of my emotional tunnel.  Why do we hold back, why don't we just let go of our feelings as they are happening?   I can only express my own feelings and my own way of thinking and at the time she passed, I was at work, so I had to keep it together.  On the long drive home, I was talking to family & so I had to keep it together as we were making plans for our journey to IL.  Then we were traveling, then we were at the funeral-then we were visiting family!  Keep it together, be strong....then we drove home & were home.  How can you cry now, everyone missed you and everyone needs you.  So you continue to hold back, then you feel silly that it's been so adds up though, the sadness.  It doesn't go away, it festers and builds until you're sick.  Sick in your mind and your body.

My immune system has been so low that I've gotten everything under the sun.  It's time to start taking care of myself, in all ways.  Physically and emotionally!  I mean, why not.  I am the only me I am every going to be....I need to be the best version of that.

I love my family & I love my life, I want to enjoy it more..and find more happiness!  I am so happy that I finally got to say goodbye to my sweet and loving Grandma Martin!  She was a wonderful wonderful woman who I will miss dearly!  Thank you Grandma for being there for me and showing me what it's like to be a good paved the way for your Great Great Grandchild who will be born September 2018.


Grandma Lela :D (lele)

So I can officially share our news, we are expecting our very first grandchild in September!  I can't tell you how excited I am, because words cannot express my excitement.  I have really tried hard not to only "not spill the beans" but buy everything I saw.  I did manage to at least send her a book, and some Gator Bibs....haha because let's face it - this is good for a boy or a's just good sense!

I have never wanted to visit Portland Oregon so much in my life.  I cannot wait to fly there, hopefully in time to see this little nugget born, and be with her/his mama for a week before flying back to Florida to shoot a wedding!

xoxo, Lela (lele) lol

photo credit to: Teresa Costa (the mama to be)

Few Things....just three gosh!

I feel like my closet just needed a few more things.  Why can't I stop buying cute clothing?  :/

Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Recipe

1 cup Fat Free Greek Plain Yogurt
1 cup Gluten-Free Baking Mix

In a medium size bowl, add yogurt and flower together.  With a rubber spatula mix gently.  When it starts to form a firmer ball, dust hands with GF flour and pat out into the shape of a pizza on parchment paper that has been sprayed with a little olive oil.  Bake in pre-heated oven for 5 minutes.  Add toppings of choice.  Bake for an additional 20 minutes.  Cool for a few minutes, cut and enjoy!

This dough is so good, I just love it so much!  I have even made garlic knots out of this dough recipe.  The options are limitless really. Hello flatbread!

(I'll add better pictures soon)


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