Wednesday, January 24, 2018

You Are Amazing Little One.

How hard it must be being the youngest child in a household.  Especially since the age between you and the youngest before you is so wide, approximately 9 years.  How hard it must be for a little girl to grow up with everyone expecting her to behave and react a certain way, probably way beyond her years.  How difficult it must be to have the expectation that you be independent and quiet a lot of the time, or to know things you couldn't possibly know because you are so young.  To have expectations put on you that you cannot achieve yet, but you try because you want to please people and make people happy.

What a hardship it must be to be shuffled, from birth, to baseball games and practices lasting hours, in the heat and the cold and sometimes even rain.

You were brought into this world very unexpectedly, for both sides of your family.  You are not the flesh of my flesh, but you have imprinted yourself on my heart and soul and for that you'll forever be my girl.  No matter what the years bring, or how anyone tries to tear us apart-even if they are successful just remember I have always loved you, and I always will-no matter what.

Thank you for being patient with us all my love.

xoxo, mama <3

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