Tuesday, January 16, 2018

RIP Dolores - You're a light that will never go out!

I remember, when I was a teenager our local radio station did a contest where listeners would call in and vote on a new band.  One evening, I heard a new band called the Cranberries playing one of their hits from their first CD to make it here in America.  They lost the hot or not contest, but they won a place in my heart because I was instantly in love & had to have their music.  I listened to that CD for hours, over and over again!  It made my life, it helped me grow into the person I am today in a sense.  I loved the lead singers voice, even though people would tease me about my choice in music, I never wavered as a fan.  And they were then and they are now, my favorite band of all time (and Delores as a solo artist).  I have heard, and owned everything that they have ever produced both as the Cranberries and when she went out on her own (and then came back).

I got my daughter into them, it was something we could bond over & something that I still have warm memories of.

It's a weird moment for me, an ah ha moment almost, because as a child and young adult I could never understands why fans cried when Elvis died, or because John Lennon was shot.  I just thought, how silly-these people don't even know them personally-how could it possible bring them to so much sorrow.....but I feel that empty sadness thinking about her life ending.  RIP Dolores O'Riordan!  You'll be missed, but never forgotten!

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