Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Raining. Again!

Today is just one of those days you wish you could just call in sick and stay inside your home all day-out of the weather, away from the crazy drivers who think they are immortal and away from people in general.

When did I turn into the girl that wanted to retire?  I have just a few short years left, four more to be exact - of waking up early, driving over an hour twice a day, paying to park, walking in the rain, walking in the freezing cold, walking in the dead of summer heat.  Four more years of dodging students on bikes and on foot, avoiding people running red lights and almost hitting you with their care.  Ready to not pack my lunch or spend tons of money eating out in order to stay full throughout the week.

I shouldn't complain, people wish they had a great job like mine & I love my job and the people I work with don't get me wrong, I am just tired.  I am tired of all the crap I said above.  I am ready for humans to be nice to each other.  I am ready to have better parking, so we don't have to brave harsh conditions just to get into our place of business.  I am ready to have a shorter commute to and from work.  Maybe I am just being moody today.  I guess that's okay, I am allowed.  After all, my pants are socked and my hair is a mess from this nasty weather.

Ahh Florida, you never stop amazing me with your wonder....

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