Mmmmm Pizza - A Trial at GF Crust

So I love pizza from time to time, I mean who wouldn't loves something made from dough covered with warm cheese?  I mean, you'd have to be crazy.  But trying to be GF makes it difficult to have things like pizza.  Until now.

I used 1 container of fat free plain greek yogurt
and equal parts gluten free flour mix

I mixed it in a bowl, and after it started to form a ball I knead it about 15 times.  Patted it out on a cooking sheet-baked it for five minutes then topped it with store bought marinara, some low-moisture reduced fat mozzarella cheese & about five pepperonis cut into strips.  Baked it for an additional 15/20 minutes-cut and served.

Miss O loved it and we will be making this again!  The only thing I would do differently is either cook it on a thicker parchment paper or use a silicone baking mat (I'll have to buy  one) or maybe use oil on the parchment, since it did stick & we ended up pealing the paper off the bottom before we could enjoy it ;)

Olivia and I split the pizza (basically-she did eat a tad more) and it was 5 points for my pieces.  Mmmmm.  This was just an experiment - once I learn the best ways to do it...I'll post more! :D



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