Fat Girl Problems 001

So, first let me say that I am on WW's again & so I have been tracking my food and drink intake and keeping to a certain amount of points & I have been loosing again-slowly but I am loosing.

Now, on to what I have to say....since I have gotten bigger & experienced some negative aspects to it I feel safe in talking about this.  If you're a larger person, be it tall or be in thick you probably understand where I am coming from.  Okay, so....I have always liked to sit at a booth when dining out, it's intimate and cozy.  But over the years, I have noticed how difficult it is to actually be comfortable while eating in these things.  First off, the tables are ALWAYS to low & now that I have gained weight the tables are almost always to close to the chair & to low, so it's like the table is on my lap and my belly is right there-ready to hang over on the table......I freaking hate it.  I don't like to point this out to people, because I don't need people making special accommodations for my weight and height, but damn are we not living in a world filled with fat and tall people anymore?

When I was younger and smaller, I would complain about this along side my friend Kari when we would shop for jeans, back then it was hard to find anything for tall gals in the way of denim-and this even was true for the most popular most expensive jeans at the time-they just didn't make them long enough no matter what, even when they claimed to be "tall".  So I guess the situation has just shifted from one subject matter to another in the way of being totally annoying and pissing off people like me, and there are so many people like me.

Okay, fatty signing off...need to add my coffee to my WW app, lol :D Enjoy your day!



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