Breakfast with Santa

Cuties Baby EVER

Photo credit goes to Mommy of course.  Who else can get this handsome fella to smile so big!!!???

xoxo, Grandma!

First Dentist Visit

Well, little Olivia had her very first dental appointment recently.  The last time I took her to the doctors, they wanted to get swab of her throat and she outright refused to open her mouth, and then when I finally talked her into it she opened her mouth slightly and was balling the entire time.  So needless to say, I was rather nervous about her appointment.

She did fantastic.  She was friendly, she was excited, she was cooperative.  And she got a clear bill of dental heath.  The hygienist told me that we were doing a great job on her teeth, and her flossing was fantastic.  This made Miss O very very happy.

So after she got her princesses toothbrush and goody bag from the dentist, we went to Hobby Lobby and did a little shopping and then went and had a yummy lunch with her brothers before finally returning home.

xoxo, Lela

Happy Thanksgiving

Totally had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Gavin was home, was so good to see him.  We were able to visit almost all of our family and had such a great time doing that.  Totally crappy cell phone pics below of my totally not crappy family!

Oscar. HI!

Photo credit: Mommy.  Little Oscar sure is growing isn't he?  I hope I am not being to rude when I say he's the cuties baby I've ever seen....<3

School Pic

Well, here it is....Olivia's OFFICIAL Kindergarten Photo.  Adorable.....

Are you "REAL"?

Last night, Olivia was talking to her biological mom on the phone and I overheard part of her went something like this.....

"You're my real mom....and daddy is my real dad"
"yep that's right"
"Yeah, and that's why I love you two the most because you're my real mom and dad"
"well you love mama too"
"yeah, I love her too"

I want to get my feelings out in the open.  The truth is, I am her real parent too.  I don't know why someone would use the term real-it just implies that there is a unreal or a fake.  I am a real parent.  I am her real mom, too.

I am not, however, her biological mother.  I know the term is being used outside of our home, as we don't use the word real or fake/not real/unreal.  If the question or comment comes up, I use the term biological-because that is what it is.

When Olivia got off the phone, she told me that I was her "real" mom too, and that she loved me so so so much.  Maybe she sensed that it may have hurt my feelings, I am not sure.  I told her that it was okay, she didn't need to explain that to me but I did want to explain something to her.

I said.....
"what if you heard me say, Weston is my REAL son and I love him the most, how would you feel?"
"it would hurt my feelings - because I am your REAL daughter"
"I said, yes you are my REAL daughter and I am your REAL mother - but I am not your biological mother-Alicia is"

I wake her every Monday for school, I pick her up after school & we do home work.  I buy her monthly school snacks.  I pick her up from after school care every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  I wash all her clothes, I cook all her meals, I give her her medicine, I read to her and make sure she brushes her teeth.  I worry about her feelings, and fill all her needs on a day to day basis.  I'd say, I'm pretty real ya'll.....

After my conversation with her.....she passed out.

The West Kiddos (my favs)

Knitting, 2018

Hi all, so as you know, I went to Portland OR to visit my brand new grandson several weeks ago.  While I was there visiting, during our down time-my daughter taught me how to knit.  I caught on pretty well as far as making a hat was concerned but when I got home I tried my hand at knitting a scarf.  I manage just fine until it is time to cast off, then I have the hardest time.  I still don't have the hang of it sadly - but here is a picture of Miss O wearing her hat (that is way to small) and her cute little scarf.  Once I get better, I'll show off more of my work ;)

My little TEST subject :)

So little O came on another photoshoot with me, this time shooting my friend Megan's sweet wild babes.  Olivia and her daughter Madison were instant best friends, so much so that when we left that evening poor little Mad's cried :( we for sure have to get them together again soon!


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