Nothing to see here.....

I seriously need to stay off social media.  I have a huge huge problem with shopping, lol!  I keep buying stuff that I simply do NOT need...but I am slightly obsessed.  Can someone please come take my credit card away STAT?

On the bright side, I did score some black Lula leggings, a black Carly dress &&& OMG - these two Randy's!

Thankful Friday

Well yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I had a great time with my family (some of them).  We hosted dinner at my house this year and my mom and dad came, along with my sister Molly and all her children.  They came early so we were able to hang out all day, play some games (pool and dice) and the kids got to play together (video games & dolls) all indoors because of the rain.  Dinner was fantastic, we had way to much food.  My husband fried a turkey under a tent lol.  Olivia didn't want me to forgot to let everyone know that Uncle Luke did get to come for a brief visit after dinner.

My sister brought over ingredients so the kids could make mini apple pies together, but the girls were the only ones interested in that.  I thought it was a cute moment & so these are the only pictures I captured of the day.  The mini pies were delicious the girls did a great job!

Moody Tuesday

Today was a bit of a drizzly day.  Olivia and I went for a very short walk today before it started raining a bit to hard for us to stay out in it....we captured just a few photos before coming inside.  Some of these you can see little drops in her hair-so adorable!

Man, this type of editing is my jam. I hope other people like it too!  Makes me nervous when I change a bit of how I edit, but seriously - this is what I like-learning and doing things different.  I feel like along the way I lost who I am and what I first loved about photography.  Taking this year off really has helped me put things back into perspective.

xoxo, Lela

Oh my Deer

So, during some online shopping this year, I found a great little set of deer antlers that were part of a Halloween costume, really cheap...and my idea was to shoot O wearing them-and edit them in a dark, moody, warm way - which happens to be what speaks to my soul...and what I really want to do with all my pictures I take....but over the years I have done what I thought was trendy, and I did what I thought clients wanted - which was more in line with what other people are doing (yet again trendy), so I decided, in 2016 when I closed my business....that I would slowly go back to my own heart...and here I am dipping my toe in-what do you think?

West Family

I just love taking pictures of the West family!  They make me happy!  The kids are always rambunctious and really keep me on my toes.  The mom, Megan and I decided years ago to not try to force the kids to take traditional family photos - for one the kids rule the photo shoot and I am okay about it.  I always love the type of shoots that I can just sit back, or follow my subjects around.


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