Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Can I have a FREE Tattoo Please?

I just have to rant for a second, I was going to post it on facebook - but alas, I don't think some people on my friends list would appreciate it since I am certain they've done what I am about to complain about before....and would really just either take offence or try to argue with me and I am not really into that right this moment.

So, Facebook - it has all these Word of Mouth pages, and I am on a few from my town, and towns around me.  Every day people are posting needing to buy things, and people are giving recommendations.  The one thing that I found that is a trend with these pages (and maybe it's the age group of individuals that are likely on these pages) is that people are seeking something for nothing.  For example, here are a few from the past few weeks - taken from different pages:

  • "looking for a house to rent with 3 bedrooms at least 2 baths, need to bring my 6 dogs, fenced yard, would love to have a pool for $500 or less"
  • "looking for a tattoo artist for cheap"
  • "need a family photographer to do 2 family session at a reasonable price or free (you could use as as models).
  • "I need a good paying job, don't have much experience"
  • "Looking for a free kitten, preferably male"
  • "Anyone giving away free sessions this fall"
I could go on and on.....but it basically is just a bunch of shit - people wanting something for nothing.  People want a good wage, a fare wage, I get that.  I want a fare wage too, and I own a small business.  I want to be paid a fare wage too, that is reasonable.  What is a reasonable price for photography?  I have noticed that most people who accept free and seek out free, are not so willing to do the same in return.  I have done countless free sessions for friends to just turn around and have to pay top dollar for their services.  What comes around, in this day in age, doesn't go around.  And I should probably stop giving away my services for free-that is true.  I don't to change my behavior because someone else isn't as generous as me.  I just wish I could get on facebook and not see people pandering and begging for shit for free or cheap & just shell out what a product is worth.

Maybe I expect to much from my peers.  That is on me I guess.

Rant over.

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