Thursday, October 05, 2017

Artist Statement

Several months ago, I decided not to do photography anymore - mainly because I wasn't sure how my personality really fit with people who wanted me to take their picture.  I often felt like I was forcing people to let me photograph them, when they were the ones that hired me in the first place.  I walked away feeling unfulfilled, unwanted and a little weird.

I recently was talking with a friend/co-worker and she suggested that I write an artist statement, explaining to my clients and potential clients that do not know me and do not know how I them insight into how a session would typically go and my reasons for that.

I like real life, real emotions.  So when I show up at your location (if it's your home or a local park), I will engage in conversation with you so we both get a feel of each other, and nerves are put to rest (for all of us).  I will kid around, act weird, make jokes and tell you that you are beautiful.  I will be in your personal space, and I will be at a distance.  I do what the mood strikes.  Some sessions start out wonderfully, and I am able to feel the session and get the images quickly - some I need more time, to visit with you and to get more comfortable so we can make magic together.

There is no real timeline for this, sometimes it is an hour, sometimes two - sometimes more.

I won't pose you, though sometimes I will gently ask that you do certain things - ask you questions about each other and try to gather as many real moments as I can.

If you are wanting posed, portraits - I am not the photographer for you.

It took me a long time to decide to stop doing what everyone wanted, but more of what I wanted & if that works for you - then you are my perfect client.

My editing style is all over the map.  It all depends on the session, if it's moody & romantic then my editing style directs me in that way. If it's a colorful cheerful family session, then that is what my editing style will be as well for that particular session.  I don't have any rules, I want it to be as organic and real as possible.

The person I talked about above, also said that I have a gift and I shouldn't be so selfish and keep it to myself, but share it with the world.  It really made sense to me, to think more along those lines & to really just keep to what I love the most.  And not let the world change me, but me change the world around me.

With that being said, in 2018 I may be opening the doors back up to Lela Johnson Photography!  I will be doing some sessions in the mean time for friends and family to get back into my grove.

Thank you Friend, for listening and giving me such great and welcoming advice.

xoxo, Lela

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