Friday, September 01, 2017

Round Two?

Well, I decided to join WW again since I did, in fact, loose 27 pounds while following the plan.  Once I jumped off the plan the weight jumped back on my ass - or should I say belly.  Gosh!  I miss being able to move around easily and that is what I found when I had that weight off.  I can't deal with the weight I am now, it's to uncomfortable.  Time to get back on track and really focus on myself & making myself feel and look better - even if it's just 27 pounds or 127 pounds lost.  The number isn't the issue-it's how I feel and the ease I'd like to have in my movements and my body.

I was going to wait until Monday to start - but honestly there is no time like the present and so I've done it, I am back on the plan.  I am back into investing in myself.....I have a closet full of really pretty tops that will thank me for it - because they'll stay in my closet & they'll fit me again, and they can show their pretty faces to the world :)

I don't hate myself, and I don't hate being fat or fat people.  I just hate the way I feel.  Now having said that, wish me luck!  Everyone knows I suck at sticking to anything.....but I am going to try to have a little more faith in myself.....

xoxo, Lela

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