Thursday, September 28, 2017

DD, and I don't mean Dunkin'Donuts

So yesterday was your typical day, I got up, I went to work & I came home.  Nothing crazy, the only difference is Miss O has been sick lately and so she stayed home with me on Monday & then dad the rest of the week.  Well I guess, at some point our little darling decided to sneak off and do something naughty.....picture this....

It's 8pm, bedtime!  Our little sweet heart is sitting in her room watching "her shows" when I walk into her room and immediately guessed it POOP!  She doesn't pay me much attention until I say "why does it stink in here, it smells like Poop Olivia!"  She looks up at me, faking being confused and says not a word.  Billy is behind me, and quickly says - "I don't smell anything, what are you talking about".....I continued to grill the girl about the smell in her room when she finally says she doesn't want us to be mad at, this obviously has old poop that happened earlier in the day, and I quickly decided I was done - this one I was leaving dad to figure out, find and deal with.....which he did.

Turns out, our princess decided to poop into a pot that goes to her kiddie kitchen and store it under her bed, out of sight - but not out of smell - good Lord did that room stink!  I guess after the ordeal, of cleaning up the pan and searching for more of her little devils donuts he decided that the smell must have leaked into her skin & decided to give her another bath.  I just sat in my recliner - trying not to laugh as he confusingly questions her on why she would do!

When he finally was done, and came out of her room I asked him "Well, did you finally smell it then dear?" to which he gives me the "fuck you Lela" look that he's famous for!

xoxo, L

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