Who Knew?

So today I was looking through all the different logos & blog templates I had purchased over the years on Etsy.  As I was scrolling through, I came across this logo design that I purchased and had customized with my name.  Gave me chills to see this, considering it was purchased in 2010!  Olivia "Grayce" was born three years later.  I had nothing to do with naming her, neither did her father.  So this just blew me away.  Further proof that her and I, we were meant to be together.  Come hell or high water.

DD, and I don't mean Dunkin'Donuts

So yesterday was your typical day, I got up, I went to work & I came home.  Nothing crazy, the only difference is Miss O has been sick lately and so she stayed home with me on Monday & then dad the rest of the week.  Well I guess, at some point our little darling decided to sneak off and do something naughty.....picture this....

It's 8pm, bedtime!  Our little sweet heart is sitting in her room watching "her shows" when I walk into her room and immediately smell....you guessed it POOP!  She doesn't pay me much attention until I say "why does it stink in here, it smells like Poop Olivia!"  She looks up at me, faking being confused and says not a word.  Billy is behind me, and quickly says - "I don't smell anything, what are you talking about".....I continued to grill the girl about the smell in her room when she finally says she doesn't want us to be mad at her.....now, this obviously has old poop that happened earlier in the day, and I quickly decided I was done - this one I was leaving dad to figure out, find and deal with.....which he did.

Turns out, our princess decided to poop into a pot that goes to her kiddie kitchen and store it under her bed, out of sight - but not out of smell - good Lord did that room stink!  I guess after the ordeal, of cleaning up the pan and searching for more of her little devils donuts he decided that the smell must have leaked into her skin & decided to give her another bath.  I just sat in my recliner - trying not to laugh as he confusingly questions her on why she would do that.....lol!

When he finally was done, and came out of her room I asked him "Well, did you finally smell it then dear?" to which he gives me the "fuck you Lela" look that he's famous for!

xoxo, L

Mrs. Bess

Sometimes you do a favor for a friend.  I did a quick head shot session with sweet Bess on Friday, she just needed a few for some stuff she was working on ...this one is my favorite.....edited the way I like to edit....the ones she got were much more of a clean edit for publishing and what not ;) This is not really my specialty, but I do love doing things to make others happy-when I can......

xoxo, Lela

Selfie Portrait (opposite of master)

Hi friends.....

I am in need of some new head shots or a portrait that I can use for my blog/website.  All the pictures I have are basically selfies, and I think that at this stage in my life-am I not to old for selfies?  Maybe I need to learn how to take professional selfies, with a remote and my tripod.  That's something to think about.

Does anyone have any experiences taking pictures of themselves in this manner, maybe you can give me some tips?

Thank you way way in advance :)

xoxo, Lela


I love the beach.  This year, we only were able to do a quick visit to Jacksonville beach (Neptune) while visiting my youngest sister.  We had planned to go this past weekend, but the storm kept us home.  So I guess it's back to making plans to go again before it gets cool, which is almost laughable to say considering I live in Florida.  It's hardly ever "cool".

I took these ages ago, but they suit my mood today.....can you guess what that is? LOL :)

Saturday Fun (personal post)

We went to visit my sister today, to celebrate my first nephews birthday.  He isn't much for having his photo taken - but I did snap a few of the family (that would let me) while I was there......

Lazy Days (personal post)

 Well when you can't get out of the house, or don't want too....what do we do...cuddle & take pictures!  Enjoy :)

Farewell Irma (personal post)

Well, we survived the biggest hurricane to hit our area, Miss Irma.  We lost power at our home situated between Lake City and Fort White Florida about 9pm Sunday, September 10th and the power was restored on Tuesday, September 12th about 4pm.  When the power was restored the kids all jumped their sweaty tired butts off the sofa cheering and hi-fiving each other.  I was happy to, I'll admit.

We are very spoiled, that much is true & I realize it more being without power for a few days.  We were lucky enough to prepare ourselves with water - but were not so lucky to have found gas before the hurricane hit nor a huge abundance of food.  And since we don't have a generator we were survived off pbj sandwiches, canned foods that we could eat without heating up and cereal.  Thank goodness for our coolers & my sweet husband for providing us with lots and lots of ice.

I just keep thinking about how much worst it could have been.  How our home could have been damaged much more then loosing a few singles.  How our bunny could have died of fright, because those howling winds and the rain pounding on the window so hard I thought it would break was enough to frighten even me.  We were lucky no tornado touched down in our field and came screaming through our house.  We were lucky to be living in a field, with no trees (lol), because after the storm had passed I saw tons and tons of pictures on facebook about trees coming down on homes, power lines, businesses, roads and more.  We didn't have that issue or the fear of that issue.  Sure we were hot, and sure we were scared.  But we had each other and we had a little fun too.

We painted, we colored, we played some games, we watched movies on the tablet, we charged our phones using portable battery chargers that we had ready to go ahead of the storm.  When the storm passed we were blessed to have some cooler weather outside, so we could open the windows and cool down the house.  The kids could go outside and play on the swing, or just be outdoors in the cool breeze.  We read books, we talked a lot & just spent quality time together.


Sure that sounds lovely, but I also got frustrated with the quiet, wishing the kids would leave me alone for two seconds because as soon as the power went out I became their sole source of entertainment.  They looked to me, and me alone for all their needs - even flushing the toilet with the water we had stored in the tub for flushing.

My husband wasn't home during most of this, he works for the Department of Transportation and so before the storm he was a road ranger on the interstate making sure travelers were okay during evacuation of southern and the coastal towns of Florida.  Helping when they ran out of gas, broke down, had a tire out or just about anything you can think of.  After the storm, he went back to work to drain streets, school parking lots, put up stop signs at all the red lights in town because the entire town is/was out of power.  Cutting up trees, clearing roads-you name it he was doing it to try to get our community back to "normal".

I look on facebook and hear so many people complaining outloud for the world to see about how they don't have power, imagine not having power or running water at your home at night, while you've worked all day in the heat and muck from a storm trying to get things back in order.  Imagine coming home from working all day in that mess and not even having a warm shower to clean yourself off in, or a warm meal.  Oh and speaking of such, we will be getting a generator for next time.  I have to be able to at least make my hard working husband some dang food for when he finally gets home at 8pm at night.  And also, thank GOODNESS for COLD BREW tea, lol.  It is the best thing known to man, honestly you should try it.  It was the least I could do, have cold tea for him when he got home lol.

I know people had it way worst then we did, I know some didn't have it that bad at all.  A lot of people understand what it takes to get an entire state back in power, back with enough fuel for everyone and food stocked in the stores.  I appreciate everything everyone has done, not just for my family - but for our small community!  I learned a lot from dealing with this storm.  I learned some things I need to do, some changes I need to make in how I run my household.  I also learned some things not to do, and some changes I need to make in myself regarding my patience.

Farewell Irma...It was certainly NOT nice knowing you!


xoxo, Lela

xoxo, Lela

AHS Season 7

So, the much anticipated American Horror Story/Cult came out this week, and I of course watched it-as I had planned all along-even though there was so much hype on facebook/twitter & other social media outlets regarding how it was going to be a bashing against the POTUS.

I really only watch TV to escape from the real life, and I didn't want to watch a show bashing him, or the left.  I just wanted to escape from the every day bullshit.  This show did provide it, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be from reading the shit I mentioned earlier.  Sure there is a darker message, and sure there are some controversial conversations and moments that gave me pause - but I'm interested, and a little hooked as I have always been when I start a new season of AHS.

Enjoy you felling AHS fans, enjoy!

xoxo, Lela

Round Two?

Well, I decided to join WW again since I did, in fact, loose 27 pounds while following the plan.  Once I jumped off the plan the weight jumped back on my ass - or should I say belly.  Gosh!  I miss being able to move around easily and that is what I found when I had that weight off.  I can't deal with the weight I am now, it's to uncomfortable.  Time to get back on track and really focus on myself & making myself feel and look better - even if it's just 27 pounds or 127 pounds lost.  The number isn't the issue-it's how I feel and the ease I'd like to have in my movements and my body.

I was going to wait until Monday to start - but honestly there is no time like the present and so I've done it, I am back on the plan.  I am back into investing in myself.....I have a closet full of really pretty tops that will thank me for it - because they'll stay in my closet & they'll fit me again, and they can show their pretty faces to the world :)

I don't hate myself, and I don't hate being fat or fat people.  I just hate the way I feel.  Now having said that, wish me luck!  Everyone knows I suck at sticking to anything.....but I am going to try to have a little more faith in myself.....

xoxo, Lela


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