Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sexy Selfies & Social Media

For years and years now, since I started really getting into photography I have struggled to find a muse - just someone I can keep my skills sharpened in both photography and editing.  I have found several girls along the way (ladies) but they have moved away or the dreaded grown up and started having their own I have relied upon myself to "model" for me from time to time, when things got desperate.  The problem is, taking selfies with a professional camera can prove to be a challenge.

Sure I can set up the camera on a tripod and use a wireless remote or a timer, but the challenge isn't that - it's finding the right flattering angle for the look I am going for.  This is something the tripod doesn't really allow for - not easily at least.  Sure I can do some weird yoga pose with my tripod but it just never seems to work out like I want it to for one reason or another.

Earlier in the year, I bought a white lace dress - totally lace off Amazon for under $20.  The entire dress is sheer as you can imagine and rather sexy.  My goal was to talk someone into wearing it and us doing a fake wedding in it.  Those plans never did develop past the buying of the dress & finding the model stage.  And so the dress just sits in my office - waiting.

Not only would this dress be great for a fake wedding - but it would also be great for a boudoir session due to the sheerness of the fabric and the cut of the dress.  So one late afternoon, while I was at the house alone I slipped the dress on and took a few iPhone selfies.  Now mind you, my face isn't in these images - but they actually turned out way better then I imagined they would.  I actually like them & would love to share them on social media - but maybe that would be weird seeing how my parents and other extended family members are on social media.

Oh the dilemma.  I mean, my husbands family is on social media as well as other people that I may not want judging me for my photo selection.  But I also am part of a social media group that celebrates the woman's body especially and more importantly the woman's body that isn't "perfect" by social standards - someone that has weight on them - someone fat, like me.  And in these pictures, I do not feel fat, I feel sexy & beautiful!

I feel like maybe this is my direction, my new direction in life.  Doing documentary family sessions and life-style boudoir sessions.  My passions are being realized more so after quitting on my business - how odd is that, but that is another point entirely.

What would you do?

xoxo, Lela

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