Do I have Regrets?

I was asked recently if I had regrets closing down my business and the answer is.....
yes and the answer is no.  I regret it when I see my lovely clients being photographed by another photographer yet feel joy when I look at their smiling happy faces.  I regret it when my wallet isn't just a little fatter, but then feel joy when I am free to spend the summer days just packing up a bag filled with towels and sun screen to enjoy some water - be in the beach, the springs or the river with my kids.  My answer is not romantic, but it's the truth.....I hope everyone else is having a glorious and beautiful summer.


  1. Hi Lela, I am glad you do not have any regrets with closing down your business. I am glad though that you are still sharing photos of your beautiful family. I do miss your work though. I hope you're enjoying your summer.


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