Do I have Regrets?

I was asked recently if I had regrets closing down my business and the answer is.....
yes and the answer is no.  I regret it when I see my lovely clients being photographed by another photographer yet feel joy when I look at their smiling happy faces.  I regret it when my wallet isn't just a little fatter, but then feel joy when I am free to spend the summer days just packing up a bag filled with towels and sun screen to enjoy some water - be in the beach, the springs or the river with my kids.  My answer is not romantic, but it's the truth.....I hope everyone else is having a glorious and beautiful summer.

O & the Santa Fe River

There are those rare moments when this beautiful face allows me the special privilege to photograph her.  These moment come and go so quickly too, as she is easily distracted by everything around her fresh set of three year old eyes.  I love watching her develop as a child, learning all about live and all about her surroundings.  This day, we stopped at the river to snap a few of her in her new outfit, one of which she was very proud of.  I wanted to get some of her in her new dress - but she was over it pretty quickly & just wanted to go swimming - so off we set to find a "better place" to swim (another boat ramp) lol

Olivia at the River

Sometimes you just have to pack your kids into the car and take a mini-trip to the river so you can take their picture in their new outfit because it is so damn cute.....and that is what we did & she rocked it.....but how could she not - she is gorgeous, and looks just like her Granny Johnson!


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