Summer Time Vibes

So I did a little shopping....can't wait to get these items!  And now, time to clean out the closet ;) to make some room!

Please tell me I am not the only person that cleans out their closet every time they get a new outfit? LOL

Model: Lily/Camera Test 1

Recently, I posted on my blog & on facebook that I was looking for a few models.  I had a lot of volunteers, including this beauty Lily.  We got together last Sunday at the river & did a test run/camera test.  I didn't want to direct her or pose her - but to just see how comfortable she was in front of the camera & see how she'd photography so I could possibly use her as a model for a project I am working on.  It's safe to say she nailed it.  She is gorgeous, and very photogenic.  I can't wait to work with her again soon!

Her cute self even managed to find an admirer!  
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Our Story is Beautiful!

Sometimes, when I am home I like to photography my daughter & I together.  Generally, when these moments arise all I have close to me is my iPhone.  On Monday, we were having a particularly beautiful day and time together-so I opened up the back sliders blinds & let the sunshine pour in.  We sat in a kitchen chair looking outside & talking about all the yellow dandelion flowers that were speckled in our back yard.  The way she had her held on my chest & how she held me tight warmed my heart - and so I grabbed my phone & snapped this image.  A sweet moment caught in time, with our sweet Miss O.

She & I | Blog Refocus

As I've said before-this blog was originally created just to get "stuff off my chest" and to capture moments in time, I wanted to remember forever-without putting on facebook or instagram, an online journal if you will.

I have a horrible memory, and I do want to remember my joys & pains.  I want to look back on them and reflect on my personal growth.  I also want it to be in the universe that I existed, even in my own small way.  It has been my intention, as well - to start blogging more specifically gearing towards my life as a mother and more specifically a bonus mom to Olivia.  Because, she & I have a beautiful story to tell.

Lily Modeling

I put out a facebook cry for help recently, asking for some people to volunteer themselves or maybe their children to model for me.  I had several responses, and this Sunday I was able to meet up with my first model volunteer.

We decided to do our camera test at the river right about sundown.  We just walked the bank and I just asked her to act natural while I shot.  I wanted to see what her level of comfort was & how she'd photograph.  Our next session will be guided with pose ideas, because she did beautifully & is very very photogenic.  Don't you think (this is just a quick teaser) you can see more on my art facebook page or wait for my blog post on :D


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