Thursday, April 13, 2017

Baseball & Easter Eggs

Last night was our last game in the SMAC ornament.  FWMS went to the championship game, against a team that had beaten us all  year long, LBMS!  Guess what, they beat us again!  The kids were so disappointed, mainly Xander since he was the starting pitcher.  He said "they started hitting off me and I couldn't get any help in the in or out field!".  It was true, the kids were all just having a bad day & it just went down hill with the first error.  I love my son, but X can be a bit of a bear when he feels the slightest injustice against him & being pulled out of the game really got in his craw.

This weekend we have a lot of things planned, today for example Billy is getting up early to put new brakes on the truck, and have the property mowed.  Tomorrow we're having some company over (lots of kids) for a big family dinner in celebration of Easter.  Sunday we're heading out to the hunting camp to celebrate Easter with Billy's family!  Monday, I am working on taxes and spending the day with my sweet boys!  Olivia is pretty excited about dying eggs & having the Easter Bunny visit the house, she won't stop talking about it.  She also doesn't understand why the basket she brought home from school today had to be cleaned of easter grass before it could enter the house-lol!  I hate easter grass....with a passion!

In other news, I think my sweet baby bro is finally happy again!  He's coming over on Saturday with his new girlfriend (her kids) and of course Shawn & Layla.  He texted and said he was "excited" about the visit, and I have not heard him talk that way in over a year.  It really warmed my heart.  I think it has a lot to do with this new lady in his life, and the fact that he's finally away from the Polk Correctional System ;) either way, I am super happy for this great guy!

We have a Hobby Lobby in LC now, and I've been & it's amazing.  It's nice to have something I enjoy doing (shopping at Hobby Lobby) so close to home, and not in a busy part of town like the one in Gainesville is in.  Olivia and I went there on Monday this week and toured around.  She found lots of stuff she wanted of course, and so did I.  I kept texting B showing him what new things we'd soon be looking at in our home, lol!

Happy Easter Loves!

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