Xander - Baseball

So very proud of this guy, he's made the middle school team again this year.....can't wait to see you play some excellent ball this year kid.

Miss O

I have created my very own LightRoom Preset.  The first of it's kind.  Meant to be moody, warm, film like & just a tad hazy!  I love it! And I love HER!

Keeping Calm

I have started to becoming particularly uncomfortable with a relationship I have with a family member.  Different things they are saying, and trying to do is making me feel uneasy-like the intentions are not as they should be.  I am not really sure what to do about it because if I say something to anyone, it would just cause several different emotions from several different people.

It's hard to get advice from people I know (or confide in) because most everyone I know is close to my family & close to me in a way that they would also be uncomfortable with the situation and the conversation about the situation.  They would not only judge the family member, but possibly me as well.

I suppose it is something I can handle myself, but I am just not sure how to approach it or if I am perhaps reading to much into it-which I honestly don't think that I am.  I am a very open, honest & approachable person & so over the years, I have found that people are attracted to me that need help, advice, a kind nonjudgmental ear.....and I have provided that type of friendship to several people & perhaps that is all this family member needs too.

I have started to meditate recently, to try to find a way to release some of the stress I am feeling concerning this relationship as it is causing me to not sleep well.  I find it a struggle to tell people how I am feeling when I am not pissed off or offended.  It's not something I am proud of, because by the time I finally let someone know how I feel - it comes out of my mouth and in my body language like I am a stark raving lunatic & then the issue that caused it all isn't addressed - just me feeling bad about my own personal behavior.  I can't let this happen for this particular relationship, as there is to much at steak.  I really hope the meditation works & I am able to find some peace and answers on how I should handle it if it doesn't stop/change on it's own.

Olivia - Summer 2017 Part 1

My daughter O is a beautiful girl, with beautiful hair and big beautiful eyes.  She is the perfect model for a momtographer, if you can get her interested fully in posing for you that is.  Maybe it's the age, I am not sure - but my little pumpkin always seems so excited about going to take pictures while we are in the house getting ready - but once we get to the location I loose her interest quick.  Sunday, when we took these photos - she lost interest just as soon as we got to the back of our property.  It was a windy day, and the 4 inch tall grass was apparently bothering her when he blew around and touched her skin - making her wiggle & itch.  For the less then 5 minutes we were down there - we did get some great little shots.  I hope you'll enjoy!

Olivia, me and Hobby Lobby

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is something I discovered several years ago due to BirchBox when a subscription I received that month had a sample of amika.  Since then I have tried four different brands & I have my top three out of those four that I like, and here's why:

  1. amika - smells amazing, absorbs quickly but it's about $22 a can...eeeek
  2. Batiste - smells really good as well, but not as good as amika and does absorb pretty good without leaving the hair to grey or dull looking.  The cost is way cheaper at about $4 a can.
  3. Not your Mothers - CLEAN FREAK - very inexpensive, about $3 a can and the can is pretty large.  Doesn't have that exotic smell...but does a great job with absorbing as well.

The one thing I love the most about dry shampoo is that:

  • You don't have to wash your hair as often (duh)
  • You can spray it in the morning, brush & style as normal (total time saver)
  • Hair is silky with less flyaways
I have literally not washed my hair for a week and just used the dry shampoo to freshen it up in the mornings before work.  Runs through the flat iron so much better!

Easter with the Johnson's

Easter morning, after Miss O checked out all her goodies in her Easter Basket, we alone dyed some eggs.  The boys rather had slept, and so I left them to that as my little shadow and I had a great time together as dad watched on happily.  She was so careful and sweet as she did all her eggs, though she never did get to enjoy eating any of them.

After we dyed eggs we got ready and head to the hunting camp to enjoy some good food, some good company and some good ol'fashion egg hunting.  We always have a good time hanging out with the family and today we couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

I hope all of you had a great Easter.


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