Thursday, March 30, 2017

Step Mom Problems

Step-mom bitch for the day!  I don't know, but when a certain someone texts and says "give O a hug and a kiss from mommy" I get beyond annoyed.  All I want to say is "F-you b****, I am the mommy...." or at the very least mommy too!  You'll have better luck saying give her a kiss from "me".......but I guess she doesn't realize or even think about what Olivia calls me.  She may call me by name to you.....but she calls me mommy/momma at home (our house).....and she uses YOUR GIVEN NAME when referring to you when speaking to us.  If I was to kiss her and say, this is from mommy-she'd think it was from ME!!!!!!!!  And guess what else, if Billy does it-she'll think the same thing & probably wonder why I am not giving it to her myself.  That O is a smart girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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