Thursday, March 02, 2017

Little Me

There are times that family members will post old photos of me and my siblings when we were younger.  My Aunt Barb posted this one this morning, and as I look at little me - I wonder where that sweet girl has gone.  I wish I could go back to this day, see these beautiful people - pinch my annoying sisters screaming cheeks & just relive it for a few hours.

Now I am feeling nostalgic and will have to drag out my old photos this weekend.

03/02/2017 @2:44pm update:  After my aunt posted this on facebook she messaged me to tell me that my grandmother (not pictured above) was in a rehab/nursing home for the time being because she had fallen (a few times) and had become very weak and unstable on her feet.  She also told me she had shingles - now I don't know if she was unstable because of the shingles or if the shit just hit the fan for her all of a sudden.  She told me that she also got an infection, I won't say where that had to be treated.  She said she sleeps all the time, as the rehab takes the steam right out of her makes me so very sad and so very worried that I won't see her before she leaves this world.  I love that woman, and think about her often.  I hope that I can get to up to IL to see her for spring break this year.  Please pray for our family!

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