Step Mom Problems

Step-mom bitch for the day!  I don't know, but when a certain someone texts and says "give O a hug and a kiss from mommy" I get beyond annoyed.  All I want to say is "F-you b****, I am the mommy...." or at the very least mommy too!  You'll have better luck saying give her a kiss from "me".......but I guess she doesn't realize or even think about what Olivia calls me.  She may call me by name to you.....but she calls me mommy/momma at home (our house).....and she uses YOUR GIVEN NAME when referring to you when speaking to us.  If I was to kiss her and say, this is from mommy-she'd think it was from ME!!!!!!!!  And guess what else, if Billy does it-she'll think the same thing & probably wonder why I am not giving it to her myself.  That O is a smart girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honest Words from X

Being told that you're the best thing that has ever happened to someone is amazing to hear from anyone, but being told that by a child - it really is priceless.

Last night, after dinner, X came up to me and said "Lela, I love you so much - you'll never know how much.  You're the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I don't know what I'd do without you, I never want to be without you!"  All I could do was hug him to keep from crying.

I knew being a mom was a calling that I would never not answer.  I never knew that I would be a step mom, never envisioned that as my life.  I always thought I'd marry the man of my dreams, we'd have a bunch of children & then grow old together.  Life handed me another option, more choices, tough choices in leaving my children's dads...and marring a man with a child.  Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's really really hard and I have wanted to give up more times then I'd like to admit - but I didn't, and just when you think you're not noticed - bam, they hit you right in the feels.....and bring you back to "I appreciate you status".  I love this kid, more then HE'LL ever know.  I choose to love you and you me.  It's a bond that won't be broken!  Can't wait to see what you do with this life kiddo!

Bubbles in B&W

Cedar Key for the Day


I feel lucky to live in a world with flowering trees....and moss!  One thing I do not do enough is get out of my house, get into my car, and just drive - drive and pull over to photograph everything that captures my eye & makes me happy. I think I need to rethink life & do this more often, because I sure was happy after this little road trip with Xander this afternoon.

This Kid.

He's been in trouble lately because of his report card & he's had to earn time to watch TV, play on his phone and do extra things like spend the night with a friend.

While we were waiting to celebrate Macen's birthday party.....I gave Xander some free time to watch, he really enjoyed it!

Suffering the Sins of Our Husbands

Loving someone else's child isn't hard, it's rather easy actually.  There is nothing special about me because I opened my heart, home and lives to someone else's daughter.  I am not a better person then anyone else because of how I love her or how I am with her.  I do appreciate it when people compliment me on being a good mother period, but to generalize it towards O is sometimes hurtful.  She's not the lucky one, I am.  That beautiful little soul doesn't have to love me, she has a mother-but she does.  And the love of a child is priceless and precious.

Sunday Afternoon

Photography have always spoken much louder then words.  This moment in time, my darling girl was enjoying her snack, the breeze and a cheap little light up chicken we got at Family Dollar.  Who'd think that something so small could make someone so happy!  Don't mind the pool table in the back, that is what makes the big boys happy.....and papa - who tries to beat Billy every single time they come over lol :)

Little Me

There are times that family members will post old photos of me and my siblings when we were younger.  My Aunt Barb posted this one this morning, and as I look at little me - I wonder where that sweet girl has gone.  I wish I could go back to this day, see these beautiful people - pinch my annoying sisters screaming cheeks & just relive it for a few hours.

Now I am feeling nostalgic and will have to drag out my old photos this weekend.

03/02/2017 @2:44pm update:  After my aunt posted this on facebook she messaged me to tell me that my grandmother (not pictured above) was in a rehab/nursing home for the time being because she had fallen (a few times) and had become very weak and unstable on her feet.  She also told me she had shingles - now I don't know if she was unstable because of the shingles or if the shit just hit the fan for her all of a sudden.  She told me that she also got an infection, I won't say where that had to be treated.  She said she sleeps all the time, as the rehab takes the steam right out of her makes me so very sad and so very worried that I won't see her before she leaves this world.  I love that woman, and think about her often.  I hope that I can get to up to IL to see her for spring break this year.  Please pray for our family!


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