Friday, February 10, 2017 Mayo, FL 32066, USA


This is a photo of cousins.  That in itself, if you have cousins, speaks volumes to the context of the image.  I have cousins, but I did not grow up with them - and though miles have separated us our entire lives I always thought about what it must be like to grow up with them & what it must be like to have instant best friends from birth.  I was jealous and envious of people I met that were close to their cousins in miles.  I loved hearing stories about my husband and his cousins growing up.  What fun they seemed to have had.  I have witnessed my own cousins, via social media, spend endless nights together hanging out, and doing fun things that I wish I would have been a part of.

So, having said that - this image makes me laugh & brings tears to my eyes, but of joy because my children get to experience this.  My kids get to know what it's like to have their cousins around, to be friends with them, to enjoy and love them throughout their childhood - building a bond that will carry them beyond their youth in into adulthood.
Look at these sweet, funny light hearted young people...can you see it?  Can you see why I would have something to be jealous over, something I missed......yet when I look at this image, I am not jealous - I am happy & proud.


  1. Xanders smile has me loling

    1. I know.....and every single photo I took of him that day he was making that!!!!!

  2. Such a sweet post. I wish I grew up around my cousins too.

  3. I was lucky enough to grow up with my cousins, though we are not as close as we were. It was a great time of my life, good memories. I am glad our children get to experience this.