Am I an Asshole?

It occurred to me yesterday, during my work day, that I may be an asshole.  I mean, this is an unconfirmed declaration - but maybe it's true.  I seriously think I need to do some extensive research on the matter & ask those closest to me - past & present.

Now, having said that, it certainly doesn't take away from the shitty things shitty people have said or done to me - but maybe MY response and maybe MY reaction was assholeish!  But does that make me an asshole or does that make me someone who behaved LIKE an asshole?

Just a thought.....something to ponder today for sure!


  1. Good morning. As I've said before, you're not an asshole. You are a person who eventually has enough and then that is that. It can come across to people sometimes that you are being an asshole when they simply never picked up on the singles you put out for awhile while dealing with their bullcrapola. That is my two cents on the matter.


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