Why Me #1000000000000000000000000000000001

Today, my feminine hygiene product rejected my offering.  For over 30 years I have been offering my mother-natures gift and this has happened from time to time, as I have slept or "forgotten" to check on how the product was holding up.  But the ramifications have been small, and really nothing a little bleach couldn't take care of.  Today was not like any of those days, no today was special.

Try to envision this...here I am working, minding my own business, when out of no where I stand up-to stretch and yawn!!!  And I feel, warmth.  Not the warm fuzzy find either.  To my horror, I ran to the ladies room because I knew what it was.  My Aunt Flow.  Why the fuck is she visiting me at work any way & why the fuck isn't the expensive, yet pretty product working properly.  This, explosion, literally went around the product and my panties and decided to go directly down my leg...thank goodness I have on black pants that are apparently very very absorbent.

So here I am, standing in the ladies room at work - in the large stall - with no pants on - rinsing said pants out in the sink.  Of course I have to meet a young man regarding a space we rent on campus in about 15 mins.  OF COURSE!

So needless to say, all the warmth is gone and has been replaced with cold & wet...but at leaset I am clean.........................clean - but cold!

No Greater Love

There is no greater love then the love you feel for your own child.  But what if that child is not your own, do you still feel that great love that you felt when you held your fresh newborn in your arms, after you cried, shit and pissed him/her into the world?  The answer is yes, of course!

Not only do you extend your love to someone else, but you extend your love to someone you do not have to love.  No biological connection, no strings.  This love comes back to you, fierce new & unexpected.  It's a wonderful gift to be loved by a child.  It's a gift I hope I have never taken for grated and hope to never take for granted.

No Greater Love

My sweet girl sure does love boots, and trendy clothes...and having fun.  She loves going to the park and just being let loose to have as much fun as possible.  I can't say that I blame her honestly - I mean I used to love it just as much when I was a child & I still love it, secretly! 


This is a photo of cousins.  That in itself, if you have cousins, speaks volumes to the context of the image.  I have cousins, but I did not grow up with them - and though miles have separated us our entire lives I always thought about what it must be like to grow up with them & what it must be like to have instant best friends from birth.  I was jealous and envious of people I met that were close to their cousins in miles.  I loved hearing stories about my husband and his cousins growing up.  What fun they seemed to have had.  I have witnessed my own cousins, via social media, spend endless nights together hanging out, and doing fun things that I wish I would have been a part of.

So, having said that - this image makes me laugh & brings tears to my eyes, but of joy because my children get to experience this.  My kids get to know what it's like to have their cousins around, to be friends with them, to enjoy and love them throughout their childhood - building a bond that will carry them beyond their youth in into adulthood.
Look at these sweet, funny light hearted young people...can you see it?  Can you see why I would have something to be jealous over, something I missed......yet when I look at this image, I am not jealous - I am happy & proud.

Am I an Asshole?

It occurred to me yesterday, during my work day, that I may be an asshole.  I mean, this is an unconfirmed declaration - but maybe it's true.  I seriously think I need to do some extensive research on the matter & ask those closest to me - past & present.

Now, having said that, it certainly doesn't take away from the shitty things shitty people have said or done to me - but maybe MY response and maybe MY reaction was assholeish!  But does that make me an asshole or does that make me someone who behaved LIKE an asshole?

Just a thought.....something to ponder today for sure!

I'm Ready!

Cute, and cheap!  I got it.....it's my newest addition!  Thank you www.maurices.com :D

All I need now are some cute shoes ;) And I am all ready for baseball season

My O

This is the face of someone that brings pure joy to my heart and soul.  Someone that I never expected to love, someone that I never expected to raise - but here she is - being raised and being loved, not only is she being raised and loved but she is loving as well.  She loves me, she loves her brothers - she misses them when they are not around - she is a wide open pure heart.  Nothing is better then that.

Meet Dolly!

I'd like to introduce you to Dolly, our new little lop eared bun bun...isn't she freaking adorable?

Before we went to bed last night,we realized we had another visitor.  This little guy (or girl) let me pet him/her!  I hope he/she makes it home safe...she/he was gone this morning!

J&E e-Session

I have been working with Jami for some time now, we have collaborated on model sessions as well as some other sessions I won't mention..... ;) but she is always beautiful, always sweet, always respectful and fun.  When she asked me to be part of her engagement session I was thrilled to be working with her again.  I can't wait for her and this handsome guy to get married in November 2017.

These images were taken in the beautiful, and tranquil Cedar Key Florida.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

xoxo, Lela


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