It's Your Right.....But it's Mine Too!

Yesterday, on campus there was apparently some yaho parading around on campus with a swastika on his person.  Now, while I write this post I want to say first off I do not agree with this person's views on whatever it was he was trying to promote because it came from a place of known hate and known shame.

This morning, I saw we received an email from President Fuch's letting everyone know that this individual had been reported, and many expressed that they needed to take action and remove this person from campus.  He summed up his email letting everyone know that while they are taking notice of the situation and monitoring movement across campus; however, there was nothing legally they could do to remove him from the public space on camps.

As I look through facebook this morning, the few remaining people who are librals who I've allowed to stay on my facebook page, there is only 2 left....posted stuff about woman's rights & their right to protest (march), as well as others who rioted and protested against POTUS Trump when he was inaugurated.  They have their hands pumped in the air "FREE SPEECH, IT IS OUR RIGHT"....and I don't disagree-it is your right.  Anyway, these same people are saying hateful stuff about this hateful person - and all I see is.....hypocrisy!

You can't have it both ways people.  You can't have free speech spoken in only the areas you agree with.  It doesn't suddenly become a crime just because people are speaking words that you disagree with.  Now mind you, this person wasn't speaking, just merely being a presence.  He wasn't wearing a pussy hate or a pussy costume - which to me is pretty damn gross & offensive...almost just as much as a swastika if you ask me.....I don't want to see EITHER things as I am walking around on campus if you catch my drift, but I have the ability to walk away, to exit the situation and overt my eyes.  And I hate to break it to you people - you have the same ability!

If hate breeds hate, love breeds love - let's just love each other & if we are unable to do that - let's close our mouths and walk away.  Live to fight another blessed day!



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