Guilt & Stuff

This week I am struggling with a few things.  I am struggling to find a way to satisfy my cravings, without blowing my points way out of whack.  I have used so many weekly points this week, something I have not done the first two weeks of the program.  From what I've ready from other members, it is still possible to loose weight with using your weekly points - it just may not be as much as it would have been had you not used them - but they are there for you to use - to "trust the system" and keep pushing forward.  I can't help but to feel like I am failing this week though, and it's silly I know!

Another thing, I am struggling with saying "no" again.  No in this particular coincidence wouldn't cause anyone hardship, just maybe hurt feelings - or disappointment that I am not present!  How do other people just decline invitations so carelessly - and I don't mean, that they are being care less - I just mean it's so effortless and free....I long for the freedom of guilt & maybe it's just myself feeling guilty!  I am not sure.  But we have plans for a particular weekend we've been invited to do something - and I just don't want to change them - though I probably should.

Oh why can't life come with a manual? LOL!  I would put on a pot of coffee & read that this Sunday & figure it all out!!! <3 



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