It's Your Right.....But it's Mine Too!

Yesterday, on campus there was apparently some yaho parading around on campus with a swastika on his person.  Now, while I write this post I want to say first off I do not agree with this person's views on whatever it was he was trying to promote because it came from a place of known hate and known shame.

W & Baseball

This week has been try outs for middle school baseball for our boys.  X&W both tried out this year, last year only X tried out (and made the team).  I have been anxiously waiting to hear from W to see if he made the team this year, because they find out today.  He text me a few moments ago to tell me that 12 out of 22 kids were picked for the team this year, most if not all was from last year, and he was not one of them.

I am not the kind of parent that thinks every child deserves a trophy for everything they do in life, but I do think that children should be picked for teams based on ability & they should also not be told that they'll make the team - and then not be picked - lied to.  He's so disappointed, and doesn't even want to play baseball anymore.  I don't even know how to talk to him about it, and I don't know how to navigate my feelings towards both boys dealing with the same try outs with totally different results.

My heart aches for Weston....because I know how much he wanted it & how confident he was that he was going to make the team.  He's at school all day today, and some of his friends are jerks and they'll tease him and try to get a rise out of him - but he's a sensitive child and I know it will not go over well with him, right now while he is wounded.  I wish I could take away the pain for him, and I know these are the hard lessons in life.....but what can I do-what can I say!?

Guilt & Stuff

This week I am struggling with a few things.  I am struggling to find a way to satisfy my cravings, without blowing my points way out of whack.  I have used so many weekly points this week, something I have not done the first two weeks of the program.  From what I've ready from other members, it is still possible to loose weight with using your weekly points - it just may not be as much as it would have been had you not used them - but they are there for you to use - to "trust the system" and keep pushing forward.  I can't help but to feel like I am failing this week though, and it's silly I know!

Another thing, I am struggling with saying "no" again.  No in this particular coincidence wouldn't cause anyone hardship, just maybe hurt feelings - or disappointment that I am not present!  How do other people just decline invitations so carelessly - and I don't mean, that they are being care less - I just mean it's so effortless and free....I long for the freedom of guilt & maybe it's just myself feeling guilty!  I am not sure.  But we have plans for a particular weekend we've been invited to do something - and I just don't want to change them - though I probably should.

Oh why can't life come with a manual? LOL!  I would put on a pot of coffee & read that this Sunday & figure it all out!!! <3 

John's Wedding

I was very happy and proud to witness these two beautiful people get married.  They were my last wedding of the season and they sent me out with a bang didn't they?  The bride was so low key and relaxed, it was like nothing I've ever witnessed.  It was such a pleasure!


Already 14 years old, my does time fly by.  Seeing photos of my children as they grow older doesn't make me feel older - it just makes me feel like I missed so much.  I feel like, look at him - he's 14 - but yesterday he was 4 and I certainly don't feel like 10 years have raced by.  It's almost haunting and heartbreaking when I think to hard about it.  I love him so!

O's Growing Up

One thing is for sure, Miss O is growing up.  In this image I see a glimpse of her as a teenager...all proud, strong and fierce.  I am pained by the things she must learn, about herself and her family, but I am joyed by how she'll pull through it because she is wonderful.

xoxo, Lela

My Sweet Sister

Am I not super lucky to have such a cute family!  My sister made that gorgeous afghan for me ya'll!  Her way of thanking me for the photos!  I love a good barter :)  I am going to have to get with her to get photos of the new baby once she is born to take more photos with this beautiful blanket!


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