I am sad to report that we recently lost a beautiful, vibrant, independent, funny, sassy, opinionated and loving woman in our family, Mary Lee Martin-my grandma.

Luckily for me, I was able to visit with her and spend time with her talking and laughing several months before she passed.  And another time during her 90th birthday celebration.  She was ready, we think, to go be with Grandma Martin who had left for heaven 11 years ago.  So we are all happy, and sad at the same time.

She lived a long life, and most of that time she was independent living on her own.  The last few years were the only time she needed real help, and she had her gorgeous and generous daughters, my lovely aunts help her with the transition.

My grandma would have loved seeing everyone together, getting along.  Some of us, and I mean even some of us that do not live to far apart here in Florida had not seen each other in several years.  In her death she brought us together, if at least for one last time.  In her death I learned to bury past hurts and my pride and look beyond that-for which I hope it helps my relationship with her son, my father.

I am all for my own betterment and for the betterment of relationships that are here to stay, or for long term relationships.  I am all for learning and she taught me this.  I wish she was here to talk to though, and I have regrets for not calling and speaking to her more.

I have not fully cried yet, and I have not fully said goodbye yet.  I guess I will in my own time.  I tried hard to keep it together during my time with family as I didn't want to be a weepy mess if someone, like one of her children, needed me.  I hope she knew how much we all cared for her sweet self.

xoxo, Lela


Hi! I've been GF for over a week now, and here are some things I've noticed:
  • sleeping better
  • less stiffness
  • less bloating
  • clearer brain
  • happiness (what?)
  • weight loss
Now, not a lot of weight loss but a bit.  It just feels different, I didn't really think about how it could change my life because I honestly didn't think the doc was right.  I just rolled my eyes and thought oh this is just a plain to get me on board with getting my thyroid checked.  Which I've decided to let him do anyway (he just doesn't know it yet) lol!

Some of my favorite GF stuff so far:
  • Udi's Hamburger Buns
Sorry, that's all I've tried so far, though I have bought a lot of stuff from to try, but give me a minute.

More to come,

Mmmmmm....honestly, I like this better than any other roll I've ever had in my entire life.

But I love Bread....

We all struggle with little pains, little uncomfortable things happening to our bodies as we age and as we grow (up).  I am not different then most.  I just suffer through it silently.  Thinking it's just part of life and part of how I am.  But here lately some of those symptoms seemed to be increasing in frequency and comfortableness.....

Those Davis Boys

Another year of photographing these handsome fellas.....what's that, five years (or times) now?  They are typical boys, like to cut up and have fun-and not get their pictures taken...but this year we made it work with a little bribing and laughter.  I had a lot of fun working with them this year!  Happy Holidays Davis Family!

The Ech's Are Wed

I have worked with this lovely family for years now, and I must admit-they feel more like family now then clients.  Here are a few high lights from their gorgeous, sweet & intimate wedding out at Seven Hill's Farm in Trenton Florida.


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