Friday, December 02, 2016

Let the Change be You!

I am here to make the best of my life, not the best of your life.  So if you don't like it - get the fuck over what I read this morning when scrolling through facebook.

In a lot of ways, we are a selfish species.  We do things to please ourselves, and a lot of times by way of doing so we hurt other people.  But we also are blinded by own own selfishness to really see what we're doing; and then when one says something in retaliation - we suddenly are offended or hurt.  It's a weird circle of hate & love I guess.

I am not a shallow person, I can see my flaws...I can see when I mess up or when I am wrong.  I may or may not say that I am sorry for it, really depends on the reason why I acted the way I acted.  It really just depends on how I am treated in the aftermath of what happened.

I do not want to waller in misery, I am generally a happy person with a good outlook on life & the people in it.  I do not have hate in my heart for anyone, not even those who have wronged me in the most egregious ways.  That doesn't mean that I am perfect by any means, or think I am perfect for that matter.  I just feel like life is a bit to short to carry that baggage bags are already pretty full ya'll!

So, in a non-cruel way - I guess that first statement is true...and I will continue to live my life to make myself happy!!!

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