Friday, December 02, 2016

It's Looking like Christmas Ya'll

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas guys.....just 23 more days.  Just 20 more days until Gavin comes home for Alaska on leave.  Our family can't wait to see him, we missed him very much and are very proud of him.

This is the first year that I feel so good about the holidays that I am going to bake and make treats for my family members to share and even give away as gifts.  This isn't something I often do, so they are all in for a very nice treat ;).

Why do I feel so good about it you ask?  Well I am just about done with my Christmas shopping.  I have to pick up a gift for my MIL & my teenage nephew Dylan...and that's it aside from treats for the stockings, which is always just yummy candy, gum and a new toothbrush lol!  Maybe this year I'll toss in a pocket knife or a flashlight ;)

This year hasn't been a great one, so many disappointments and sadness.....but it hasn't been worthless, we've grown, we've learned new things & we've experienced new things as well.  All of which are something to be grateful for, at least I am grateful for them!  Through good times and bad, there is always light at the end.  Listen to me being all optimistic and shit, this is so unlike me-I must really have the holiday spirit.....must be time to put up that Christmas tree ;) that will certainly seal the deal won't it?

xoxo, Lela

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