Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I can't be the only one that wants a clean floor

At what point does a mother get to turn off her mind?  Is it when I finally am to old to remember stuff, or have a horrible brain disease such as Alzheimer's?  I mean, why must I remember every single thing, for not only my own life but for my husbands life, and every single one of my children's as well?

For years now, years...we have trash on Monday' mornings.  For years now, I have to say every Sunday-don't forget to take the trash down.  If I don't say it, it doesn't happen-EVER!  No one ever remembers.  I have literally let it pile up for three weeks, and still no one remembered to take it down.  Every Monday, the boys get off the bus right near the empty trash can, yet every Monday evening when I get home from work I have to say, go get the trash can and bring it back to the house.  If I don't, it sits there all week.  Every day, for five days, they get off the bus and see it.

Something gets on the floor in the kitchen, they drop it or it falls off during the wiping down of the counters (which they've also been told to do but don't ever remember so I have to tell them every day when they do dishes), they just leave it there.  Like some how it's going to disappear.  I have literally stood and watched while one of the little shits wiped something off the counter, watched it hit the floor and they just was like meh, and went about the wiping of the counters.  I waited for them to go pick it up, and they never did-they just threw the rag into the sink and tried (TRIED) to walk back to their room.  I scream...GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I could save myself the "trouble" and just do it myself, but that just doesn't seem fair to me.  So I guess for the rest of my days, or until my brain just stops working - I'll have to remind & tell everyone to do everything, like some sort of crazy cleaning Nazi.  I mean, seriously, I can't be the only person in our house that wants a clean house or clean floors?

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