2016 Sucked. 2017 will be Amazing.

2016 has kind of sucked, hasn't it?  For one, so many celebrities have passed away such as:
  • Lemmy Kilmister
  • Natalie Cole
  • David Bowie
  • Alan Rickman
  • Craig Strickland
  • Dan Haggerty
  • Harper Lee
  • Tony Burton
  • Patty Duke
  • just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to mention several people I know personally who have had losses of their own.  It's never easy to see people you care about loosing people they care about.  Or or little souls that have not even made it into the world yet......

Then, of course the election.  This election year brought out in people, what most of us already knew was there - but perhaps just over looked it throughout the year for whatever reasons.  I don't want to spend to much time on this particular subject, because it's a done deal as far as I am concerned.  I watched facebook, mini explode (I only have about 4 "friends" on facebook that are actually democrats....so that is why I say mini explosion lol, anyway-post stuff before the election, and after the election-that coming from the self proclaimed "accepting, loving all, hugging trees, free speech" folks - a lot of hate, discrimination and just plan mean ass shit.  I saw people lash out at others, I saw friendships & families divided and I even fell victim to a situation myself - where a friendship was lost.  But this post isn't about that, because again-that's a done deal....and I am just fine with the decision.

But it brings me to how just maybe, 2017 will be amazing!  I have my very first new years resolution.  I will no longer waste my very limited time doing things I don't want to do, or being friends with people I know are just not a good fit for me, out of not wanting to be rude to someone.  I am going to use the word "No" and maybe the words "No Thank You!" much more often.  I am going to do for me, and my family.....because in the end.....they'll be the ones at my bedside, holding my hand as I exit this beautiful world.....not fair weather folks.  Because, life isn't about fair weather is it, it's about good and bad times, it's about understanding & not understanding....we have the power to be able to either cope with our feelings or lash out like a child.  I for one, am pretty good at coping.  I am a coper!  LOL  That's not even a word is it?  That's alright, I'll a coper just the same ;)



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