I can't be the only one that wants a clean floor

At what point does a mother get to turn off her mind?  Is it when I finally am to old to remember stuff, or have a horrible brain disease such as Alzheimer's?  I mean, why must I remember every single thing, for not only my own life but for my husbands life, and every single one of my children's as well?

For years now, years...we have trash on Monday' mornings.  For years now, I have to say every Sunday-don't forget to take the trash down.  If I don't say it, it doesn't happen-EVER!  No one ever remembers.  I have literally let it pile up for three weeks, and still no one remembered to take it down.  Every Monday, the boys get off the bus right near the empty trash can, yet every Monday evening when I get home from work I have to say, go get the trash can and bring it back to the house.  If I don't, it sits there all week.  Every day, for five days, they get off the bus and see it.

Something gets on the floor in the kitchen, they drop it or it falls off during the wiping down of the counters (which they've also been told to do but don't ever remember so I have to tell them every day when they do dishes), they just leave it there.  Like some how it's going to disappear.  I have literally stood and watched while one of the little shits wiped something off the counter, watched it hit the floor and they just was like meh, and went about the wiping of the counters.  I waited for them to go pick it up, and they never did-they just threw the rag into the sink and tried (TRIED) to walk back to their room.  I scream...GET BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I could save myself the "trouble" and just do it myself, but that just doesn't seem fair to me.  So I guess for the rest of my days, or until my brain just stops working - I'll have to remind & tell everyone to do everything, like some sort of crazy cleaning Nazi.  I mean, seriously, I can't be the only person in our house that wants a clean house or clean floors?

The West Family 2016

I just love working with the West family!  I always have a great time, and each time we are together the photos get better and better.  For this particular session, we just let the kids run the show & I think we created some pretty amazing photos together because of it, I can't wait until next year!

This is what a family looks like!

The John's Wedding

Sneak Peak of a Wedding I did this month!
Isn't she a beautiful bride?

Those Davis Boys 2016

Well I was lucky enough to work with the Davis Four again this year.  Their sweet mama brought them by the house & we went for a quick walk.  The youngest, isn't he adorable, well he wasn't having it......he didn't want to be around me for not one hot second......but we made the best of it & I personally think they are fantastic!  I'd love to hear what you think?

Our Little Family!

 Thanks to my sister in law, this year we did get a few snaps of us as a "family"; of course we're missing the two oldests...but who knows if we'll ever all be together again!

The boys being silly......but O sure thought it was funny!

2016 Sucked. 2017 will be Amazing.

2016 has kind of sucked, hasn't it?  For one, so many celebrities have passed away such as:
  • Lemmy Kilmister
  • Natalie Cole
  • David Bowie
  • Alan Rickman
  • Craig Strickland
  • Dan Haggerty
  • Harper Lee
  • Tony Burton
  • Patty Duke
  • just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to mention several people I know personally who have had losses of their own.  It's never easy to see people you care about loosing people they care about.  Or or little souls that have not even made it into the world yet......

Then, of course the election.  This election year brought out in people, what most of us already knew was there - but perhaps just over looked it throughout the year for whatever reasons.  I don't want to spend to much time on this particular subject, because it's a done deal as far as I am concerned.  I watched facebook, mini explode (I only have about 4 "friends" on facebook that are actually democrats....so that is why I say mini explosion lol, anyway-post stuff before the election, and after the election-that coming from the self proclaimed "accepting, loving all, hugging trees, free speech" folks - a lot of hate, discrimination and just plan mean ass shit.  I saw people lash out at others, I saw friendships & families divided and I even fell victim to a situation myself - where a friendship was lost.  But this post isn't about that, because again-that's a done deal....and I am just fine with the decision.

But it brings me to how just maybe, 2017 will be amazing!  I have my very first new years resolution.  I will no longer waste my very limited time doing things I don't want to do, or being friends with people I know are just not a good fit for me, out of not wanting to be rude to someone.  I am going to use the word "No" and maybe the words "No Thank You!" much more often.  I am going to do for me, and my family.....because in the end.....they'll be the ones at my bedside, holding my hand as I exit this beautiful world.....not fair weather folks.  Because, life isn't about fair weather is it, it's about good and bad times, it's about understanding & not understanding....we have the power to be able to either cope with our feelings or lash out like a child.  I for one, am pretty good at coping.  I am a coper!  LOL  That's not even a word is it?  That's alright, I'll a coper just the same ;)

The Homblette Family

My baby sister is expecting her second daughter in less then two weeks, can you believe it?

Jessica and I worked out a deal; she'd make me a beautiful afghan and I'd do pictures for her-though I would have done them without the gorgeous blanket-so this was certainly a bonus for me!  I have been wanting something like this for years to use in my photo sessions!!!  Now, she's here....I just have to name her-any ideas?

Social Media Isn't Real Life

Social media is fun.  You can connect with people on facebook from all over the world, people you went to high school with, hell even people you went to elementary school with.  You can share news stories, your stories, photos, donate to a good cause.....you can literally do so much!  But, it's not real life.  You can hurt someones feelings, you can make someones day.....you can sell your old car or printer.....but it's not real life.

If you delete someone from facebook, you are not deleting them from life-just your social media "life".  If you block them from instagram, you're not blocking them from life.  You are all still here, we are all still around.  Watching, waiting, living our lives-our real lives.

What matters is the day to day, face to face interactions.  Being told good morning by a friend, a co-worker, hell a stranger - face to face is so much sweeter then something you read on your tiny phone via facebook.

When you ignore someone in real life, it's different then when you do it via social media.

Social media is also a public forum.  Sure we all have "our pages" but they are for the public to see, you type stuff for the public, your peers to view, see & comment on.  If you didn't want people to notice it, or read it - then you wouldn't have put it up in the first place.  A lot of times, most of the time-in fact people don't agree with you.  And a lot of times, they choose not to say anything.  But other times,I guess they feel their cup is full & they may say something.  It's happened to me a few times, and as an adult I tried to fix the situation-talk about it.  Not ignore it, and the person.  Though hard albeit.

We are becoming less and less human and more and more machines it would seem.  Uncaring, unkind, unapologetic.  I hope that in the new year, I can change this about myself & hold my human interaction more dear & seek it out more instead of spending my evenings on messanger chatting with my sister-instead call her up!  Or my BFF Yvonne...call her up instead of waiting to hear back from her on messanger or text.  Maybe others will see that change & we can be more human again & start living a real good social (not social media) life :)

xoxo, Lela

Let the Change be You!

I am here to make the best of my life, not the best of your life.  So if you don't like it - get the fuck over it............is what I read this morning when scrolling through facebook.

It's Looking like Christmas Ya'll

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas guys.....just 23 more days.  Just 20 more days until Gavin comes home for Alaska on leave.  Our family can't wait to see him, we missed him very much and are very proud of him.

This is the first year that I feel so good about the holidays that I am going to bake and make treats for my family members to share and even give away as gifts.  This isn't something I often do, so they are all in for a very nice treat ;).

Why do I feel so good about it you ask?  Well I am just about done with my Christmas shopping.  I have to pick up a gift for my MIL & my teenage nephew Dylan...and that's it aside from treats for the stockings, which is always just yummy candy, gum and a new toothbrush lol!  Maybe this year I'll toss in a pocket knife or a flashlight ;)

This year hasn't been a great one, so many disappointments and sadness.....but it hasn't been worthless, we've grown, we've learned new things & we've experienced new things as well.  All of which are something to be grateful for, at least I am grateful for them!  Through good times and bad, there is always light at the end.  Listen to me being all optimistic and shit, this is so unlike me-I must really have the holiday spirit.....must be time to put up that Christmas tree ;) that will certainly seal the deal won't it?

xoxo, Lela

Downton Done

This past weekend, PBS had a weekend long airing of Downton Abbey, a show my husband and I started watching back in 2011 I believe.  We watched the first three or four seasons & then for some reason, stopped recording them & wasn't able to watch the final seasons....well thanks to the airing this weekend - we are all caught up...and happily surprised that we enjoyed the final episode.

A lot of times, I find myself rather disappointed in the ending of series, be them TV shows or movies.  I thought the ending of Hunger Games was depressing and ordinary!  But I can't say the same about the ending of DA.  I'm so in love with all the characters, even Mr. Barrow!

xoxo, Lela


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