Thursday, November 10, 2016

Oh, happy day!

Today, I have been in an incredibly good mood.  I can't even explain why because literally nothing is really going smooth out there in the world right now.  Maybe it's because it's a Thursday & I have off on Friday (Saturday, Sunday & Monday), maybe it's because I am going to my sisters house tonight for dinner, maybe it's because all the kids are home, happy & healthy this week.  I just don't know.  I wish I could contribute it to a single thing, but do you really have to have a good reason to be in a good mood?

This weekend, we will have a busy one.  Friday (tomorrow), it's Veteran's day & we are having a cook out at my home with the family, Saturday the boys have a double header out of town in the morning/early afternoon & later in the evening I am going to visit and hang out with a friend of mine, Sunday I have a photo session & WTD that evening.  Monday!  NOTHING!

I have finished Christmas shopping for TWO people on my long list of people.  Good gifts too, which makes me happy. I am not schooled in the art of gift giving.  I was not blessed with that sadly.  And I never just trust in myself when I find something, I fret about it way to much!

Happy Weekending My Sweets!!!

xoxo, Lela

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