Friday, November 04, 2016

Holidays Are Near

The holidays are riding upon us.  I have decided to start my Christmas shopping just a little early this year, I actually started in October!  A lot of the stuff is small & the kids didn't even ask for it, but I found it-thought it was cute & decided to just order it.  The boys are already showing signs of excitement, it's rather adorable.  I can't wait to spend this valuable time with them, this year Christmas week falls on my weeks with O&W....fantastic, that mean's I'll be home with them all week & get all that great time with all of them.  The plans for X are still up in the air.  I would have hoped we would have planned something with his mom by now, but we have not heard & B told me to not mention it, that it wasn't my responsibility to make sure they saw each other that it was hers-and I hear him, but I still care for X and I care about his needs and desires-whatever they may be, and maybe I am reaching.
Last night, at the baseball game-I walk up as the boys are all out in the outfield warming up.  X is the closest to the fence that I am walking past to head towards the bleachers to take my seat.  He sees me and says "MOM".....and it warmed my heart.  I really am a lucky "mom" to be given the opportunity to raise two amazing bonus children.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me these two crazy people.

So those are all good things, I bet you're wondering what I have to rant & rave about?  Well, one thing I've noticed about social media is that there are so many people out there shaming others into donating to various Go Fund Me pages, they post the link on their page over and over again - begging or asking people to donate to this "good cause" and trust me, they all sound like good causes & I would never begrudge someone help if they really needed it - but the people asking, and making a fuss-if you look at the donors...they have not even donated.  Maybe they feel they are doing their part by "putting it out there so more can see & more can give..." and that is their contribution, but the feeling of self gratification is what bugs me.  Ah well.  If that's my only complain this week I guess it's not so bad...but it's not, hahaha.  Best Buy, I could write a book about how pissed I am at them right now!

xoxo, Lela

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