Hashtag Truth

Well, it's the truth......lol!  And it's not just true for myself personally, but it's universally true.  It's funny, because I literally say this every time I have a melt down moment at home over something not going my way, or going wrong - there has been a sock on the floor for a week now-it's right by the sofa where the kids folded laundry-the sock got left behind.....and I pointed it out to both boys & to Billy (it's his sock), and yet it still is on the floor.  I refuse to pick it up.  But eventually, I will have a melt down about the sock being on the floor & then will have to say that I am sorry for acting the fool.

Raise your hand if you've never acted the fool?  Didn't think so!  Life is hairy & so are we-hahahaha.....



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