I had really wished that this morning I would have woke up, and finally not had so many hateful posts flying around on facebook regarding the presidential race last night.  I voted, my family voted-we always due our civic duty & proudly so.

And I am happy to report that most people I know voted, whoever they chose-I do not speak of that.  But to read, from people I respect, love and care for post things on facebook/twitter about how "stupid Republicans are" and "way to go Florida"..among other things.  Is this really the time to be ashamed of your country men?

Sure, if the vote hadn't went my way - I wouldn't have been "Happy" either.  But I wouldn't be trying to continually and cowardly put people down on social media-people who are my friends & family no less.  I mean, we're talking about a social media outlet that is riddled with people who love you!

During this election, I have lost so much respect for people I once called friends, and it's not for their political it's for how they act!  After this election is over, no one is moving to Canada, or're all staying right here with each other, so let's be nice to each other people.  Let's stick together as a country & keep on pushing towards a better tomorrow for our children.

xoxo, Lela


  1. That is one of the things I like the best about you Lela, you are not very judgmental and you always listen to peoples views and sides of issues. A lot of times though, people don't know where you stand on issues because you've been silent and perhaps your friends or family didn't know. Again, they may not even care. But you always remain classy and respectful. Be careful with that though, the moment you speak up you'll be bashed.


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