Friday, November 18, 2016

Final Thoughts

I am not sure why, but I have received several (3 or 4) blog posts, emails or facebook statements from either the person writing it or a screen shot about how people feel about the election.  I get the outrage, I sure do.  I have witnessed it first hand, and I understand it.  I seek to try to understand all walks of life, all people & find something to relate to in them.  I, the apparent racist-because I didn't vote for HRC and am happy HRC didn't in fact far from being what these people/post suggest.  This is something, the proclaimed accepting liberals, are missing.  When you are an accepting,open individual - you are open to ALL - not just the folks to agree with you.  That's what it means.  Big shocker, right?  I challenge everyone out there calling people racist and homo-phobic to look back on their life and honestly ask themselves "Have I ever made a racist comment?", "Have I ever made ugly comment about a homosexual person?" can just tell the answer to yourself....I know what my answer is....and it may shock you-but if you KNOW ME it wouldn't!

What all these posts have in common is, they are someones opinion.  Just like this blog post, it is my opinion written from my own frame of mind, my own life experiences and my own ideals.  I come from a long line of military people.  My grandfathers both fought in WWII, and so did some of my great uncles.  My father fought in Vietnam.  My first love, Teresa's father, fought in the Gulf War.  My son, has not seen combat yet, is in the Army stationed in Alaska.  Not during the election, but in regular news, I heard horrible reports from the same media that you have been spoon fed from, regarding HRC.  At that moment, from my own personal background, I formed my opinion of her.  I would have never voted for her, ever.  And so, when I say that I am happy she didn't win the presidency and I say that I am a Republican - it goes towards this paragraph only.   This is my reason for being happy.  If you liberals would have given me a different choice, I would have voted Democratic for the very first time in my life.

With that being said, I never proclaimed to have voted for DT-yet I feel as though I am being categorized as such (I never said I didn't either); I in fact kept my voting private & didn't post things like "I'm with Her" or "I'm with Him" on facebook, nor did I post and re-post stuff regarding the election.  I also didn't comment on peoples posts before the election, and posted once after the election as my feelings were being hurt over and over again from a HANDFUL of people....and I guess looking back, that is something I shouldn't have done.  I should have continued to not give my opinion or my thoughts on the matter, but at the time I didn't realize it was such a hot topic for that handful of people.  If I had something to say, I should have keep it on my own facebook or my own blog-not on someone else's-I understand that now.  I am not sorry for my words, my thoughts, or my ideals - but sorry for the place I put my remarks.

Don't like my post?  That's okay, it's just one persons opinion on a blog that no one reads lol!  These are my final thoughts, I am ready to move on now.

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