Family Update.

I've been so busy visiting with family & friends the past several weeks I have not had time to post much on facebook, instagram or blogger...but things have slowed down for a bit ... until Christmas of course :) though I cannot wait.

The only thing that I didn't get sorted out was getting our tree & decorations out of storage.  I guess we'll work on that Monday when the boys get home from school.

Olivia is with us a bit longer this week, she didn't go home per usual because her baby brother is sick.  When I read the text from BM asking if she could say Olivia blurts out "Oh, I sure can!" with glee and happiness & literally SKIPPED to her bedroom.  It warms my heart to know that she enjoys her time with us......we do love her so!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with Billy's family at his sister & BIL's hunting camp in Mayo.  It was pretty nice, had AC, a bathroom, running water & a big screen TV...much nicer then how we used to live at hunting camps when I was power, fires to cook our food, no running water or toilets...yeah that was really "roughing" it.......

The food was great, the company was even better.  The kids had a great time, though we really missed Weston.  He went to Myrtle Beach with his dad, step mom & step sister for Thanksgiving.... :(

After we left Billy's family - we drove over to my father & step moms home & enjoyed a few bites of food and chatting before we finally retired to our own home - full, tired & ready for bed!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we got together with my brother Matthew and his children and my mom & step dad.  We fried a turkey, cooked up way to much food & had a few beers...while we relaxed and let the kids run wild & free playing and having fun.

I had TWO (count them TWO) photo sessions...which I plan to edit quickly because I'll be shooting a 6 hour wedding Saturday!  And then, that's it - I am done for the holiday season until next year ;)

xoxo, Lela

Final Thoughts

West Family

Thanksgiving is COMING!

It's hard to believe that is already November 16th.  Just a few short weeks and it will be Thanksgiving, and we'll all be gathered around eating homemade fixings that our beautiful family members have made.  Our week is filled up with different family gatherings.

When I was younger, I used to find all the traveling and pushing and pulling back and forth a bit of a burden - but as I have gotten older, I realize what a gift it is to have so many people wanting to spent time with me and my children.  It's still hard to accommodate everyone, but now I feel differently about the effort made to make it all happen.

We have Thursday-Sunday packed full of family, friends & FOOD!!!!  Some of my favorite things!  Now I just have to figure out what to make for all these gatherings ;)

Hashtag Truth

Well, it's the!  And it's not just true for myself personally, but it's universally true.  It's funny, because I literally say this every time I have a melt down moment at home over something not going my way, or going wrong - there has been a sock on the floor for a week now-it's right by the sofa where the kids folded laundry-the sock got left behind.....and I pointed it out to both boys & to Billy (it's his sock), and yet it still is on the floor.  I refuse to pick it up.  But eventually, I will have a melt down about the sock being on the floor & then will have to say that I am sorry for acting the fool.

Raise your hand if you've never acted the fool?  Didn't think so!  Life is hairy & so are we-hahahaha.....

O and her Glasses

This girl is so much fun, it's hard to have a bad day when she's smiling at you!!

xoxo,  Lela

Oh, happy day!

Today, I have been in an incredibly good mood.  I can't even explain why because literally nothing is really going smooth out there in the world right now.  Maybe it's because it's a Thursday & I have off on Friday (Saturday, Sunday & Monday), maybe it's because I am going to my sisters house tonight for dinner, maybe it's because all the kids are home, happy & healthy this week.  I just don't know.  I wish I could contribute it to a single thing, but do you really have to have a good reason to be in a good mood?

This weekend, we will have a busy one.  Friday (tomorrow), it's Veteran's day & we are having a cook out at my home with the family, Saturday the boys have a double header out of town in the morning/early afternoon & later in the evening I am going to visit and hang out with a friend of mine, Sunday I have a photo session & WTD that evening.  Monday!  NOTHING!

I have finished Christmas shopping for TWO people on my long list of people.  Good gifts too, which makes me happy. I am not schooled in the art of gift giving.  I was not blessed with that sadly.  And I never just trust in myself when I find something, I fret about it way to much!

Happy Weekending My Sweets!!!

xoxo, Lela

Do you know who you are?

I am a republican, sure-but don't think just because I am a republican that I don't have 100% of the same views as this article states.  You can't just dump people into these two categories.  For example: I believe in FREE LOVE and equal rights!  I think if you're a human you should have equal rights to things, including the opportunity to get married-no matter WHO you are or who you want to marry!  I am a LOVER of LOVE!!!!!!!!  I have no issue with someone disagreeing with me, or having a different opinion then I. My only issue is the generalization of people who voted for who they voted for.

I read this today, and it was a good read.
The political landscape of the United States is dominated by two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans. Though there are some differences between democrats and republicans, it’s next to impossible to classify everyone based on every political issue, there are many specific important points that members of each party agree with. These important points are generally found in each party’s platform.


I had really wished that this morning I would have woke up, and finally not had so many hateful posts flying around on facebook regarding the presidential race last night.  I voted, my family voted-we always due our civic duty & proudly so.

And I am happy to report that most people I know voted, whoever they chose-I do not speak of that.  But to read, from people I respect, love and care for post things on facebook/twitter about how "stupid Republicans are" and "way to go Florida"..among other things.  Is this really the time to be ashamed of your country men?

Sure, if the vote hadn't went my way - I wouldn't have been "Happy" either.  But I wouldn't be trying to continually and cowardly put people down on social media-people who are my friends & family no less.  I mean, we're talking about a social media outlet that is riddled with people who love you!

During this election, I have lost so much respect for people I once called friends, and it's not for their political it's for how they act!  After this election is over, no one is moving to Canada, or're all staying right here with each other, so let's be nice to each other people.  Let's stick together as a country & keep on pushing towards a better tomorrow for our children.

xoxo, Lela

Holidays Are Near

The holidays are riding upon us.  I have decided to start my Christmas shopping just a little early this year, I actually started in October!  A lot of the stuff is small & the kids didn't even ask for it, but I found it-thought it was cute & decided to just order it.  The boys are already showing signs of excitement, it's rather adorable.  I can't wait to spend this valuable time with them, this year Christmas week falls on my weeks with O&W....fantastic, that mean's I'll be home with them all week & get all that great time with all of them.  The plans for X are still up in the air.  I would have hoped we would have planned something with his mom by now, but we have not heard & B told me to not mention it, that it wasn't my responsibility to make sure they saw each other that it was hers-and I hear him, but I still care for X and I care about his needs and desires-whatever they may be, and maybe I am reaching.
Last night, at the baseball game-I walk up as the boys are all out in the outfield warming up.  X is the closest to the fence that I am walking past to head towards the bleachers to take my seat.  He sees me and says "MOM".....and it warmed my heart.  I really am a lucky "mom" to be given the opportunity to raise two amazing bonus children.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me these two crazy people.

So those are all good things, I bet you're wondering what I have to rant & rave about?  Well, one thing I've noticed about social media is that there are so many people out there shaming others into donating to various Go Fund Me pages, they post the link on their page over and over again - begging or asking people to donate to this "good cause" and trust me, they all sound like good causes & I would never begrudge someone help if they really needed it - but the people asking, and making a fuss-if you look at the donors...they have not even donated.  Maybe they feel they are doing their part by "putting it out there so more can see & more can give..." and that is their contribution, but the feeling of self gratification is what bugs me.  Ah well.  If that's my only complain this week I guess it's not so bad...but it's not, hahaha.  Best Buy, I could write a book about how pissed I am at them right now!

xoxo, Lela


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