Thursday, October 27, 2016

Not a gift from God-sorry!

Recently, I came across a lot of screen shots I had saved from when I was dealing with my husbands infidelity.  As I was going through them, I thought about how far I have come & that I could finally delete them & wipe them off the face of the earth.  I came across one that the other woman was publicly thanking God for something....small miracles I think is how she put it.  What she was actually thanking, on her page for the world to see - was the fact that I had asked him to leave once I found out about her.  So he had basically been "kicked to the curve"...and she was thanking God for this & for this situation.  I had read text messages between the two of them at the time it was all going on and she mentioned God a bunch of times and how wonderful God was for bringing them together.

Well.  The truth is, lady-just in case you're confused still by this....God will never send you someone else's husband.

We live in a world were self gratification takes precedence over decency.

This is now how I raised my children, and not how I continue to raise my children.  They are learning to stop and think before doing things that could not only hurt themselves, but the others around them.  And to have shame & humility - so they will not have to say sorry later for the things the shouldn't have done today.

xoxo, Lela

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  1. Ain't that the truth. I never understood woman like that. I guess it's because I am not a selfish trashy whore. I guess we should be thanking God for not making us like them. Love you!