Hope your weekend was better....

This past weekend was a long one, I was off on Friday due to homecoming.  I had lots of things planned.  Lots on the agenda.  Wanted to get the boys hair cut, and get them new baseball pants & belts for their games on Saturday, wanted to go to their first game of the fall ball season, wanted to get to the grocery store & pick up yummy vittles that I could cook for the family all weekend since we were all together.

Well, I didn't get much of that accomplished, but Billy sure picked up my "SLACK".  Poor Olivia spent about 10 hours just puking her guts out due to either a bug or food poisoning.  This little event happened Friday late afternoon until about 5am Saturday morning.  She was up puking all night long, every 10 mins, then every 20, then every 45 before she finally passed out.....we passed out.  We stayed home Saturday, just in case she wasn't done and let the guys all do the baseball thing....but she seemed to get over it just as quickly as she had it come on.  Poor thing!

The boys do look handsome with their new haircuts..even though I didn't get to enjoy the time spent with them getting this done - or buying new baseball stuff!

Over all, after the sickness cleared & I was able to get some sleep we had a good weekend.  Monday the boys didn't have school & so Weston and I spent some time together alone-went to his dentist appointment & had some lunch.  Did some light shopping as well before heading home to feed Xander & let the boys play until baseball practice.

I hope everyone elses weekend was just a bit better then ours :)

xoxo, Lela



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