Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Doesn't do Harm

It became very clear to me during my last conversation with my son Weston that perhaps he isn't cut out for football.  I love him and I don't want to discourage him from following his dream, or just going out and enjoying life....but maybe this particular journey needs to end.

Last Monday, we were talking on our way to his dentist appointment & he was complaining about his neck hurting.  He said that last practice, he was against a kid that was bigger then him and he "the kid" was hitting him with all of his force...and it threw his neck back and hurt it a bit.  I reminded him that he too should be hitting with all his force and said you know, in this particular sport it's you against a person...who can hit the hardest.  So it's either you getting hurt or the other kid, wouldn't you rather that other kid get hurt?  He said "no, not really...."

And that my friends is the beautiful soul that I have raised....the sweet caring gentle giant that he is.....I knew what his answer would before I even asked.  I don't want to world to change this person, I want him to grow into his adult body & adult mind feeling the same way about humans and about life, so he can be a wonderful caring and thoughtful husband and father, as well as remain my darling youngest birthed son!

I am very proud of my little WQL!!!

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