Friday, October 21, 2016

Booty Crack......?

Listen, I am all for fashion trends...and I get that leggings are so very popular right now & I do try very hard to embrace this ... even though it's not really for wear...out in pubic....

Having said that, today-and everyday actually, I noticed a young woman walking around on campus wearing the ever so popular black leggings and these bad boys were literally up her entire crack (front to back ya'll).  So we've all heard people say on social media "fat girls shouldn't wear spandex" or "leggings"...but ya'll skinny bitches can & wear them like this?  Yeah...not so sure that's cool either folks!  and now after having said that too.........I am not a lover of them on anything but toddlers - but that's just I said before - I am TRYING to embrace this trend..

So anyway there she was strutting around-I mean, very fit, very she has no "shame to her game" but.....ya know I hear people saying "fat girls shouldn't wear leggings"....but skinny girls "can" and you literally can see her vagina outline and her entire butt as if she was buck naked?

I feel so.....offended lol (JK) but yuck!

---this isn't my image---I found it on a MEME's I can't take credit for it k---

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