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Yesterday, I made the decision to buy my URL for my blog.  No more .blogspot.com for me.  I am officially www.withlovelela.com from here until I change my mind again!

This blog has been around for years-it was called many things before.  Simply, Lela Johnson, then it was More than Johnson's....back to Lela Johnson.....My Snap Shot Life & then back to Lela Johnson again until now, when it is finally..."with love, Lela" because that is basically what I do everything with, love.....

Love is a wonderful, yet excruciating thing isn't it?  We really are lucky, to be the human animals living on this earth & being able to feel true wonderful love.  Love for our significant others & love for our children, love for animals & love for other people...strangers & places....things....we love a lot of things.  On the flip side, we also hate a lot of things don't we?  We rape and murder our own people, we ruin entire species of animals & we destroy our own planet that we live in.  I suppose we have a back up plan to live on Mars some day, that I am not aware of?

I am not a tree hugging hippy....though I have always wanted to be one.....but I do love love & I do love life, and I love making people feel loved....that is my gift.  So I still have hope for our species.

That was a lot of words just to say, welcome to the new blog.  I am going to keep the layout for a while, but I do plan on adding addsense, so maybe this little blog can make a little money on the side-to pay for things like-new layouts & cheese!  LOL!!!

Happy loving!!!

xoxo, Lela


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