This post doesn't make sense!

My life is not for everyone.  My marriage may not look like a great marriage to someone looking from the outside & I have put up with things most people wouldn't.  I have been told over and over again that they'd NEVER be able too.....fill in the blanks.

That is fine.  I have thought about this for years, because I have had years.  I am just able to carry that burden.  Perhaps most people are not.  I guess that is what makes me who I am and makes me the perfect wife for my husband, and the perfect mother to my children.

I have come to realize it's not that they wouldn't be able to, it's that they couldn't.  Like physically and mentally.  Now, having said that-that doesn't make me a better person then anyone.  It is just how I am and how I am designed.

These people, who have preached this to me (all with good intentions) have put up with things like me, but maybe they didn't come with an O.  They have put up with things like mental or physical abuse, which is something I wouldn't & couldn't deal with (been there done that).  I know people who are married to drunks and drug addicts, which is something I simply couldn't & wouldn't put up with either.  So we are all here - living our lives the best we can-putting up with what we can, all the the name of love.

I make no excuses for myself, my husband or myself.  I do not blame anyone, least of all God.  I do not use him as a way to dismiss peoples behavior or my own decisions.  I feel like things work themselves out as they should - and maybe that is God's magic.  I don't know, I also believe that it's free will.  You are free to make decisions & if they are right or wrong they are still your decisions - not the act of some higher power.

Take responsibility for them. Let others take responsibility for themselves too!  If they do not do it, it's not God saying they shouldn't.

My views are not for everyone, they are just my views.  I am not right and I am not wrong, but I truly believe in harmony & happiness.  And if you want it, make it happen.  Don't just sit around praying it will happen and do nothing to progress.  You have the power.  Pray about your own power, and your own ability to make shit happen....and then get up and do it!!!!!

It's not going to come knocking on your door!

xoxo, Lela



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