Thursday, September 01, 2016

Oh, Hermine!

Well we are about to enter into our first big storm of the season.  Hermine makes landfall sometime tonight.  UF announced that they are closing down offices today at 4pm so employees & students can prepare for the storm & so we'd all be safe.  Go Gators.  They are also closing tomorrow & canceling all classes.

I sure hope we don't loose power, if we do for a extended period of time-if the weather isn't to bad the kids and I will pack up some things & head to moms (they have a generator).  Hoping that there isn't minimal flooding and that everyone stays safe out there.

Billy will have to work most likely & is on call.  Say a prayer for us all :)

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  1. Glad you're all okay down there in Florida. Love the blog btw.