I need a fill up of coffee please.....

Happy Tuesday.  Today is going to be a good day, today is going to be a good day...today is going to be a good day?  Hell, I sure hope so.  I am so freaking sleepy this morning, it's only 6:30am so it's early yeah I get it, but I can't seem to wake up!!!  I may have to resort to having a cup of coffee...which don't get me wrong I do this every morning - but this morning I feel like I NEED it just to survive!  What the hell man, what the HELL!?!?!

I had a relaxing weekend, as I have already stated in a previous post.  I did stay up until after 10pm last night, but I still didn't do much that should have made me so sleepy-I went straight to bed......strait to sleep....woke up when my alarm went off...didn't feel like restless sleep....not totally anyway.  I did dream of an old friend...one that I have released from my life.  Odd to dream about her-and it wasn't a sweet dream either-she was being an asshole in my dream & even threw a sock at me and hit me in the face with it.  LOL!  I ignored her while I put on some weird blow up outfit for water skiing...apparently I did that in my dream.  Weird Weird Weird...maybe that's why I am tired hahaha....

Well-here's to a good day ya'll!

xoxo, Lela


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