Happy Girls?

We will see, the new bras have been shipped.  I have bought strapless bras from Torrid before-but never a regular bra.  Here are the new bras on models, of course they won't look like this on me...but if they did, BONUS! LOL!  I'll give a review when they finally come in the mail!  Happy Girls may make for a Happy Woman!

Got this in black also ;)

Why is it that we wait so long to buy bras?  I posted something on facebook about this recently & everyone is with me - it is the last thing we buy or want to spend money on-yet it's something we wear every day-all day, you'd think we'd be more sweet to our tatas!

After all they have been good to us, they've provided us with sexy charm to attracted the opposite sex, they have provided our young with nourishment after the opposite sex helped give us children....and so on and so forth!

I for one am ready to be nicer to my little friends ;)

xoxo, Lela


  1. Those are sexy bras Lela. And you know, you're right. I never think about my boobs much anymore either. I found myself buying cheap bras from Walmart just to do the trick, and they leave me feeling less then attractive. I should probably treat my "little friends" more friendly as well. Good post. Happy blogging.

  2. Thanks, I am anxious to give them a try for sure......I needed something a little prettier, the last ones I had bought were not UGLY but they were certainly "mama" like...these have a different feel to me other then "mom bra" lol!


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