Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being a Step Parent.

noun: step-parent
  1. a stepfather or stepmother.

When I think about a step parent, I have to be honest, I only really think about myself.  I think about what I am like as a step mother to my two bonus kids & I think about what my experiences have been.  I never really think about others around me that are also step parents, selfish I know - but it's just the truth of the matter.

My husband is a step parent to my three children, Teresa, Gavin & Weston.  He came into our lives when Teresa was 17 years old-so she never did really benefit from his love, affection & nurturing as much as Gavin & Weston did.  He shows pride in the boys, and what great men they are turning out to be, well Gavin is already a man.

Billy is far from perfect, but above all his flaws he is a great father and a great step father.  As you can see from this photo - Weston loves him and he doesn't mind being embarrassed by his step father.  Look at how he's holding Billy's hand!  How sweet is that, coming from a 13 year old?  Together, we are producing amazing humans that can go out into the world & fly!  Thanks babe for all your help :)

xoxo, Lela